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Central City

Masonic Cemetery
The Masonic Cemetery is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a woman wearing a black satin dress. She is seen placing blue columbine flowers on the grave of young John Edward Cameron, who died unexpectedly on November 1, 1887 of heart paralysis.  This beautiful lady in black appears twice a year - on April 5 and November 1  - and places the flowers on Cameron's grave. The town residents, who have been well aware of her from the beginning,  originally had no idea who she was, and by 1899, she was well known locally as a phantom.  That year, over a dozen people gathered on November 1 to observe the apparition - and sure enough, she appeared around sunset.  While she was placing the flowers, two of the men made an attempt to capture her, but she quickly vanished. Since that time, many more attempts have been made, but all have met with complete failure. 

Central City is 20 miles west of Golden on Highway 119.  The Masonic Cemetery is located north of the city on the hillside and is surrounded by other historic cemeteries from the 1800's. This is a great site to see!

Colorado Springs

Helen Hunt Falls
Helen Hunt Jackson was a successful 19th century author and Native American activist.  The Helen Hunt falls now bear her name and are reputed to have a plethora of spirit activity.  Due to human error and rugged terrain, many people have died here - an average of 5 per year at this writing.   It is said that supernatural phenomena occur as you drive or walk through the tunnel, and psychics have reported  fairly strong activity here.

Helen Hunt Falls is located in the southwest corner of Colorado Springs.


Cheesman Park
Cheesman Park is built on top of the Mount Prospect graveyard, which was known as Boot Hill in the 1850's.  In 1873 officials renamed the site City Cemetery, and began burying only transients and criminals there.  In 1893 the city gave notice that all the buried bodies had to  be removed from the cemetery, but nobody claimed most of the remains,  and a large number of graves were left untouched.  As a result, an undertaker was hired to remove the remaining 6 to 10 thousand bodies.  His instructions were to place the bodies into 1 foot by 3.5 foot pine boxes and deliver them to Riverside Cemetery for reburial. Workmen had to break the corpses down to fit them into the miniature boxes, and as a result, body parts were scattered over the ground and inadvertently mixed together.  Needless to say, this was a gruesome sight!  Psychics had warned that the dead would return if a prayer was not said upon removal of each from his grave.  However, workers disregarded these warnings and freely looted the disinterred bodies.

Gradually, residents in the surrounding neighborhoods started making claims of spirits wandering into their homes and appearing in their mirrors.  Finally, one graveyard worker was found hysterically running from the graveyard, claiming that a ghost had jumped onto his back.  The Mayor ordered all work stopped until an investigation could be conducted.  This investigation revealed that the graveyard was a hopeless mess of intermixed body parts, and the entire area was finally plowed over and planted with grass and trees.  Even today, many people visiting this site report a strong feeling of sadness and confusion, and as you stroll the area, you can still feel soft areas of sunken graves under your feet. 

Cheesman Park is located in Central Denver in the Civic center area near University Blvd.


Molly Brown House
There are reports that the "Unsinkable Molly Brown" and her husband still roam through their former home, built in 1889. After Molly passed away in 1932, her home was turned into the Molly Brown House Museum, which she and her husband still seem to inhabit.  Employees working at the museum to this day report intermittent sightings of one or both of these ghosts. 

The Molly Brown House Museum is located in Denver, CO near the corner of Pennsylvania and 13th Street on Capitol Hill.

Estes Park

Baldpate Inn
The Baldplate Inn is believed to be haunted by Ethyl and Gordon Mace, the couple who built it in 1917.  This Inn also houses the "largest collection of keys in the world" including the key to Edgar Allan Poe's dorm room.  The most active areas for ghostly apparitions appear to be Ethyl's bedroom and the "Key Room".  Many employees and guests have reported seeing Ethyl and Gordon wandering hallways of this fascinating and well-known place.  

The Baldpate Inn is located in Estes Park, seven miles south of the city on highway 7. *Be on the lookout, the lodge is on a dirt road off of highway 7.

Estes Park

The Stanley Hotel
The ghosts of the the previous owners, Stanley and his wife Flora,  are still reputed to haunt this spectacular Hotel.  At times you can hear the piano playing by itself in the music room, which was Mrs. Stanley's favorite room, or you may feel the presence of Mr. Stanley in the lobby or in his favorite spot, the Billiards Room.

The Pinion Billiard Room is home to many ghosts, who appear in the mirrors of the room.  Above the main staircase on the second floor, visitors and employees at the hotel have repeatedly reported ghostly presences that follow them down the corridor.  The fourth floor is where the servant's quarters were, and it is not uncommon to hear the sounds of children playing in the hallway near room 418, even when there are no children staying at the hotel.  

The Stanley Hotel was the inspiration for the writing of Stephen King's "The Shining."  He noticed a sign in the vicinity of the hotel that said "road closed in winter, and  strolled the hallways, he envisioned what it would be like to be trapped inside this massive hotel with means of escape. 

The Stanley Hotel is located in Estes Park, Colorado, 333 Wonderview   P.O.Box 1767   Estes Park, CO 80517   970-586-3371   1-800-976-1377

Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs
The waters of Manitou Springs were believed by the Indians to hold magical powers, and they worshipped this site.  The word Manitou is Algonquin for "Great Spirit."  Today, psychics retreat to Manitou Springs to take part in the spiritual energy that is believed to rejuvenate the body and mind.  

Manitou Springs is located on exit 141 off of I-25. Turn West on highway 24 and drive 4 miles to Manitou.

Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde
The apparitions of the Anasazi Indians to this day appear in the ruins of Cliff Palace in Mesa Verde. They are most commonly seen near the kivas (pit houses) at the base of the canyon.  Tunnels and hidden passageways connect many of the chambers, and each of the ceremonial buildings has a hole in the floor that was used as a spirit gateway.  

Mesa Verde is near the Sand Dunes and makes a wonderful trip whether you are ghost hunting or just site seeing.  It is located West of Durango on Highway 160, between Mancos and Cortez.


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