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What lies in our future?

Do some people have the inherent capacity to warn us of imminent disaster.......and should we take them seriously?

Well......consider the Bible.......

Virtually all of Christianity believes the Bible to be a storehouse of knowledge for all things past, present, and future, albeit written in ambiguous language that can be interpreted in a number of ways.  Certainly its pages contain the work of the world's most venerable prophets, but it is not the only source we can turn to for information by a long shot......

Consider Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts/Seth, and the messages from the Mayan Culture to name just a few,  who upon close examination do seem to have important information to pass along, both for future planning and for the here and now.  Even the Great Pyramid appears to have something to say about the timeline for the human species. 

The bad news is that almost all of the most notable prophets (including the Bible) appear to agree on one point - that right now (Y2K onward) is going to be a very volatile and dangerous time in the history of humans and that the course of civilization as we know it may change dramatically in the frighteningly near future. 

Consider the events of the past few years.......Y2K was a bust as far as the world coming crashing down upon us because of computer failures, but in 2001, we had the World Trade Centers, and as I write this in August, 2003, we have already begun a war in the Middle East (pinpointed in many prophecies as the hotspot for the beginning of the end).  So far in 2003, we have also had the biggest power failure in the history of mankind in the Eastern United States.   Indeed,  2003 plus or minus 3 years appears to be a pivotal year in many of the prophecies.  In fact, the Mayan Calendar ends in the year 2012, but some believe that the beginning date of this calendar was miscalculated, and that the year 2003 corresponds to 2012 when corrections are made........

Scary as all this is, just remember that knowledge and spirit can conquer all.   Our goal with this section is to provide knowledgeable and spiritual enlightenment regardless of  what happens in our volatile world in the near or far future.  We certainly hope the prophets are wrong about our times, but on these pages we will report what we have found and let the reader decide for him or herself.........


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