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What is God?  Is there any concrete proof that God exists?  Is there any concrete proof that he doesn't?  How would your life change if you woke up tomorrow to the news that there was proof of God?  How about if there was proof there was no God? 

All emotions and conditioning aside, the purpose of this section is to explore what, if any,  evidence there is to prove or disprove the existence of a God of any sort and to make some sense out of what we actually know.   Since the very beginning, man has questioned why he is here and what comes after, looking in earnest for any sign that there is a supreme being who cares what we do and who will envelope us in warmth and light after this life is over.  This is a very comforting thought , but is there any real evidence for it?  After all, we have re-invented God in hundreds of ways since the beginning, and while many of us completely accept the current concept of God, we tend to forget all about the Gods our ancestors worshiped and took every bit as seriously as we take ours.   

There are three basic attitudes as far as belief in God is concerned - those who take God as fact regardless of any contradicting evidence (believers), those who don't believe in God at all (atheists), and those who think that we don't know enough to know either way (agnostics).  As we progress from the Age of Pisces, (an age marked by the rise of all the major religions of the world), to the Age of Aquarius, (an age destined to be dominated by advances in knowledge and technology), many of us find ourselves questioning the long-held religious traditions that have stood unquestioned for the last 2,000 years.  In light of scientific discoveries that completely contradict previously unquestioned religious beliefs, such as evolution versus creation, we find ourselves in a quandary as to what to believe.  Organized religion for the most part is notoriously slow to change  doctrines, even in the face of overwhelming proof that they are just plain wrong, and this just makes the concept of an all-encompassing God even more distant to many.

Having said all that, the purpose of this section is to discuss just where we stand on the subject of God as we balance on the brink of a new age, hopefully an age of enlightenment.   The purpose is not to convince anyone either way or change anyone's religious doctrine, so don't spam me with email if something is said here that you don't agree with.  Please see the links at top left for various related topics in this section.  




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