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"In the dawn of physical existence, men knew that death was merely a change of form......"

The question of life after death has been around since the dawn of mankind.  Most people do believe that there is some type of existence after the physical body is gone, and one good explanation for this is that there is no compelling reason not to believe it.  What would be the point of going through this sometimes very hard life if we were just going to be reduced to dust after all is said and done?  We are spiritual beings, and as spiritual beings we often manifest unmistakable signs that give us insight into the fact that our essence, or spirit, is not bound to our physical body.  Intuition, perception, deja vu, strong emotions, feelings, psychic abilities, and many other common spiritual functions give strong evidence that we are somehow connected to a much higher plane than is present on the physical earth.  

Volumes have been written on the experiences of individuals who have come very near to death, or actually died and were then resuscitated. The descriptions of these experiences tend to be remarkably similar, despite the actual individuals being from very different religions and lifestyles.  Virtually all report sensing that rather than the end, this is the beginning of their spiritual journey.  Most feel warmth, serenity, and a comforting tunnel of light, and some report seeing Angels, friends, family members, and even beloved pets waiting for them on the other side.

Of course, as with most supernatural, paranormal, psychic, and otherworldly phenomenon, there is no concrete proof of life after death, but spiritually, on some level, most of us likely do believe that this earth is not our only plane of existence.  This section of Mystical Blaze is devoted to the research of life after death, and to stories and insights of those who have experienced life after death situations firsthand.  If you have had an experience such as this, we would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to either use the Message Board or E-Mail link below to let us hear your story.  Also, don't forget to Bookmark, as we update these pages daily!


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