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The first question we are usually asked about Tarot is if it works at all - and if so, why and how?  Unfortunately, like most aspects of the supernatural, that question can't be easily answered.  Tarot reading has been around for a long time, and does indeed seem to work as some kind of medium as far as getting insight and possibly answers to puzzling questions.  Whether it connects us to the "universal  consciousness," the "higher self," or whether it opens up some kind of communication channel with entities unknown, it does seem to arouse some kind of psychic awareness in most people.  And therein lies the beauty of Tarot.  Virtually everyone can do their own tarot readings with some measure of success, whether or not they consider themselves innately psychic.

A conventional Tarot deck is a deck of 78 themed cards.  The cards are split, with 22 Major Arcana trump cards depicting major life events,  and 56 Minor Arcana cards, which are divided into four suits and add substance to the trump cards.  Arcana is a term that basically means "secret" or "mystery."  Other configurations exist, but for beginners, a conventional deck is probably the way to go. 

When choosing your first Tarot deck, find a deck that you find interesting or intriguing.  If you buy a deck that you find boring or uninteresting, the Tarot readings from that deck will also be boring and uninteresting.  When shopping for a deck, look around and choose the one that you personally find the most interesting.  Many people report that when shopping for Tarot cards, one deck will usually stand out from all the rest.  This is the deck to buy.  One word of caution - the Minor Arcana cards in some decks lack illustration, which may make readings a little dry, especially for beginners.  Try to choose a deck that has illustrations on ALL the cards, if at all possible.  There are many good choices out there, so it shouldn't be hard to find an appropriate deck. 

Once you have your deck, practice with it on a regular basis.  Become comfortable with that deck, and continue reading and studying on the subject until you become proficient.  Once you do feel you have become proficient, you can then graduate to different decks.  Indeed, most accomplished Tarot readers do have several decks.  Some have a personal deck, a deck that they use for readings for other people, a deck for spell work or meditation.....and the list goes on.  But do start with just one deck that appeals to you before you go buying decks willy nilly with no real use in mind.

Having said that, the following pages will detail how to get started doing Tarot readings for yourself, for others, and for profit.  Once you get into reading the cards, it will likely become a life-long passion, so do take the time to do some studying to become as knowledgeable as possible with the subject matter.  Just as in any other art, practice is the only sure way to be successful, so commit, practice, and enjoy!

These pages are a work in progress.  More links will appear soon on Tarot Readings, so do Bookmark and return often.  If you have any comments or questions about Tarot Readings, choosing cards, or whatever - please do not hesitate to contact us using the Message Board link below, or privately via E-Mail. 


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