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Pentacles or Coins - Money and Potential - Element Earth

Ace of Coins - Gift or financial opportunity.  Opportunity for new start.  Financial surprise that appears like magic.  Good luck.  Successful dividend through hard work.  The possibilities of real achievement.  Indication that you are ready to embark on something new and profitable.  A new doorway opening up.  New start in money matters. Unexpected gift or inheritance.   Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Hard times financially.  Not time to start something new yet.

Numerology - 1 represents a beginning, start, birth, new cycle. 

Two of Coins - Change and versatility.  Might mean change of work or same work in different place.  Juggling more than one thing at once.  Fluctuation and change materially for good or bad.  Creative solutions to material problems.  Nothing is certain financially.  The feeling that you are walking a tightrope.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Losing control of the situation.

Numerology - 2 represents duality, the combing of two 1's, the concept of self and other.

Three of Coins - Initial completion of work.  A certain level of achievement has been reached.  Something concrete has been achieved at work or home, but more work is needed.   The basic structure is sound but details need attention. Progress in business matters.  Learning new skills, developing new abilities.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Not working hard.  Expecting others to take care of it.

Numerology - 3 is the number of the triad (triangle), an important religious symbol.  It generally means cooperation, peace, harmony, success.

Four of Coins - The card of the miser.   Holding on too tightly.  Strong commitment and success in financial or business matters.  Gain of money or influence.  Fear of parting with money or resources.  Overwhelming desire for security causing stagnation.  Fear of loss.  Fear of emotional hurt.  Suspicious.  Prejudiced.  Wanting what others have.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Letting go of possessions or letting go emotionally.

Numerology - 4 represents completion.  It is the number of order and structure.  It represents father, mother, son, daughter - the completion of family.  There are 4 compass directions and 4 elements.    It represents material reality.

Five of Coins - Loss of wealth or faith.  Financial difficulties.  Pay more attention to both material and spiritual aspects of life.  Don't lose faith or belief in goodness.  Hard times when those around you are wealthy.  Unforeseen expenses. Time to transcend limitations.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Overcoming financial problems, saving money.

Numerology - 5 is the midpoint between 0 and 10 and therefore represents a mid-point.  Usually an unstable number.  Turning point or change in the air.  The pentagram has 5 stars depicting the head and outstretched arms and legs. 

Six of Coins - Generosity and charity.  Success in business or material success.  Give when you can and take when you must.  You are in a position of giving or receiving what you need.  Power,  rank, influence.  Recovery of losses.  Getting help.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Being uncharitable or possessive.

Numerology - 6 represents the resolution of the unsettled state of 5.  It represents new balance, harmony, cooperation.

Seven of Coins - The need to decide.  New avenue opening up. A choice between two paths of action, one of which is tried and true, and the other unknown.  Time to direct energy one way or the other.  Seeing the results of hard work and deciding what to do next.  You are at a crossroads.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Working hard but nothing has come to fruition.  Not enough effort.

Numerology - 7 is the number of spiritualism or introspection.  It means action, movement, or change for good or bad. 

Eight of Coins - Learning new skills.  New direction in career.  Change in direction involving change or study.  Skill and discipline required to succeed in new things.  Time to study something that you are inspired by.  The use of knowledge for benefits.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Laziness.

Numerology - 8 represents material accomplishment, success, power.

Nine of Coins - Success and enjoyment.  A calm period in which you can enjoy the fruits of your work.  Ability to be happy even when alone.  Proud of achievements.  At peace with yourself.  Recognition by peers.  Security, happiness, contentment.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Insecurity.

Numerology - 8 represents material accomplishment, success, power.

Ten of Coins - Passing on of positive traditions.  As you sow, so you shall reap.  The need to continue investing time and effort.  Something needs to become firm.  Time to buy a home or put something substantial in place for future use.  Inheritance or money.  Support and love from those close to you.   Something that will live on after you are gone. Pinnacle of success.  Prosperous.   Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Insecurity.  Indecisiveness.

Numerology - 10 represents the final ending or goal.  The cycle has ended and a new cycle is beginning.

Page of Coins - Young woman with brown or red hair and dark eyes who goes after what she wants.  Mature, methodical.  Small beginnings.  Opportunities exist, but start small.  The need for hard work and diligence.  Time to develop seriousness and thoughtfulness in yourself.  Someone reliable arrives that helps plant the seed for bigger rewards.  Taking on responsibility.  The desire for different work.    Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Lack of intelligence.  No common sense.  Unreliable.

Knight of Coins - A young man with dark hair and dark eyes.  Slow but steady progress.  Increase in the material.  Patience and perseverance.  Someone with reliability and steadiness entering your life or you may need these qualities.  The need to stay with it at work.  Someone absorbed in a subject.  Slow to anger, but furious when finally provoked.    Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Possessive person not good with money.

Zodiac Sign - Virgo

Queen of Coins - A woman with dark hair and eyes.  Love of luxury.  Someone who can work hard, but equally enjoy the sensual pleasures.  May be time to pay attention to your own sensual needs.  Enjoys good food, good company, and takes time to appreciate beauty.  Wealthy, generous, charitable, charming.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Possessive person not good with money, afraid of failure, moody, changeable.

Zodiac Sign - Taurus.

King of Coins - A man with dark eyes and dark hair.  Financial security and stability.  Very material-oriented.  Someone who has worked hard and is pleased with his achievements.  Someone who enjoys the fruits of his success.  Someone ambitious and determined.  In pursuit of riches.  You may need these qualities.  Generous, strong, high moral character if surrounding cards support this.  Otherwise may be too material.  Willing to work hard for desired goals.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Lacking common sense.  Not good with money, dull, grasping, unpleasant.

Zodiac Sign - Capricorn.  

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