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Swords - Life Challenges - Element Air

Ace of Swords - The old order changes.  Dramatic change.  Strong beginning.  Sweeping change.  May seem initially negative.  New circumstances.  Out of evil something good will come.  Strong signal of powerful good or evil, intentionally brought about.  Can be epitome of justice or epitome of wrath.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Cowardice, neglect, evil. 

Numerology - 1 represents a beginning, start, birth, new cycle.

Two of Swords - Tension and anxiety.  Ignoring strife and conflict.  Hoping it will go away.  Not acknowledging problems.  Balance of two strong ideas.  Being caught in a storm.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Confusion, not knowing what to do.

Numerology - 2 represents duality, the combing of two 1's, the concept of self and other.  

Three of Swords - Tension released.  Heart broken.  Disappointment.  Sadness.  Inevitability.  Loss.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Recovery from a loss.

Numerology - 3 is the number of the triad (triangle), an important religious symbol.  It generally means cooperation, peace, harmony, success.     

Four of Swords - Recuperation, convalescence.  Time for relaxation and release of tension.  Time has come to rest for a while.  A period of quiet after the storm.  Extent modified by surrounding cards.  

Reversed - Unrest, nervousness, absence, sorrow. 

Numerology - 4 represents completion.  It is the number of order and structure.  It represents father, mother, son, daughter - the completion of family.  There are 4 compass directions and 4 elements.    It represents material reality.

Five of Swords - Accept victory and defeat.  Warning for treachery, deceit, arrogance.  Something bigger than you in your life.  Assess the strength of your opponent.  Turn away if necessary.  Stay away from situation with no hope of victory.  Swallow pride and move out of bad situation. Spite, unrest, vileness of nature.  Failure, anxiety, defeat.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Being childish or petty. Regrets impeding progress.

Numerology - 5 is the midpoint between 0 and 10 and therefore represents a mid-point.  Usually an unstable number.  Turning point or change in the air.  The pentagram has 5 stars depicting the head and outstretched arms and legs.

Six of Swords - Move away from strife.  Find an agreeable solution.  Move either physically or mentally from problems.  Calm after the storm.  Extend modified by surrounding cards.   Travel, probably over water. 

Reversed - Stagnation, not going anywhere.

Numerology - 6 represents the resolution of the unsettled state of 5.  It represents new balance, harmony, cooperation.

Seven of Swords - Time for tact rather than aggression.  Stealth or underhandedness.  Discretion.  Wisdom of acting with caution.  Don't reveal your whole hand.  Use caution about your intentions or feelings.  Someone revealing your secrets.  Someone taking something from you at your expense. Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

            Reversed - Someone doing something dishonorable or dishonest.  Someone lying.

            Numerology - 7 is the number of spiritualism or introspection.  It means action, movement, or change for good or bad. 

Eight of Swords - Difficulties in becoming free from restriction.  The end of old or inappropriate ways.  Damned if you do and damned if you don't.  Disadvantages either way you turn.  Look for signs and realize that you are not trapped.  Frustration.  The need for patience.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - You will find the way out of tough situation.

Numerology - 8 represents material accomplishment, success, power. 

Nine of Swords - Unfounded fears and nightmares.  The situation is not as bad as you fear.  The thing you fear most has not happened yet, but you are afraid.  The feeling of impotence.  The feeling of isolation and helplessness.  Feelings of doom, failure, guilt.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Feelings of doom, but not as severe.

Numerology - Nine is the last single digit in the series 1-10.  It signals near-completion of a cycle or wisdom gained at the end of a cycle. 

Ten of Swords - The end of a situation or phase.  End of relationship or job.  Leaving home.  Changes in attitudes.  Disruption.  Failure.  Insecurity.  Abrupt end to something that is not working anymore.  Being stabbed in the back by others.  The end of a tragic situation.   Find a way to take advantage of this change.  Extent modified by surrounding cards.   

Reversed - Freedom from the torment.  Surviving in hard times.

Numerology - 10 represents the final ending or goal.  The cycle has ended and a new cycle is beginning.

Page of Swords -  Young woman with light hair and blue eyes.  New beginnings mentally.  Idle chatter and gossip.  The first stages of a relationship.  Mundane chatter that leads to something more.  New idea that needs time and attention.  Look ahead and solidify ideas.  Wisdom and strength not apparent at first.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Inattention, bursts of temper, uneven personality, frivolousness.

Knight of Swords - Young man with dark hair and eyes.  Welcome changes that may be disruptive.  Someone entering life and causing disruption, then abruptly leaving.  Someone single-minded and preoccupied with one thing.  Shake-up of the status quo.  New mental development.  Changes through study or job.  Knight in shining armor.  Someone who sweeps you off your feet.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Mood swings, uneven temper.

 Zodiac Sign - Gemini

Queen of Swords - A woman with gray hair and brown eyes.  Suffering with dignity and resignation.  One who knows pain but bears it with dignity.  Civilized and cool and avoids ugly scenes.  Disappointment and discouragement when reality is not ideal.  Courageous.  Idealistic.  Aloof.  No shows of fear or dismay.  Determined person of power, but who has barriers.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Mood swings, uneven temper, narrow-minded, cruel, deceitful but with friendly exterior. 

Zodiac Sign - Aquarius

King of Swords - A man with brown hair and brown eyes.  Authority figure.  Firm but fair.  Intellectual abilities. Truth and social justice.  Someone who outwits his opponents with wit and intellect.   Can be domineering.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Someone who angers easily and is out of control, selfish, and cruel.

Zodiac Sign - Libra.

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