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Crop Circles


Crop Circles - those overnight wonders of geometry and form - where do they come from?  What is their purpose?

A quick search of the internet will reveal hundreds of pages of theory on what crop circles signify, from highly scientific to completely outlandish, and the truth may actually turn out to be a little of each. 

Crop circles have apparently been around for a long time, but reports were not widespread and in the face of the public until about the last 40 years or so.   From the 1960's on, there has been a steady increase in reports of crop circles, along with an increase in the intricacy of the patterns, with almost 200 formations reported in 1999 (a pivotal year in many prophecies, not to mention the  the dawn of the 21st century).  Is this significant? 

First, let's look at the top five prevailing theories regarding where crop circles might originate:

  • UFO's.

  • Earth Energies

  • Hoaxes

  • Vortex of some sort (wind, water, plasma)

  • Spiritual energy


Though the thought of aliens from a more advanced civilization coming down to draw pretty pictures in our grain fields seems a bit absurd at first, it could be that someone is trying to relay a message or warning, and that they are relating it in the universal languages of mathematics and geometry in a way that gets the message across but doesn't damage the earth.  Many correlations have been made with crop circles that seem to represent the Golden Mean (simply put, the Golden Mean is a natural number that seems to arise out of the basic structure of the universe).  Others clearly depict Sacred Geometry (common patterns found in nature that exist in all material, living or not, with corresponding vibrational resonances).   Obvious space themes are also frequently used, also suggesting extraterrestrial influence. Many crop circles that are considered genuine also show a measurable increase in radiation, and plant materials seem to have been "nuked" or microwaved somehow into their prone positions, with radiation levels increased both within the circle and in the nearby vicinity.  Despite this, the plants are not killed and continue to grow in the prone position.  This in itself tells us something, but since we don't know that UFO's use radiation or if they even exist for that matter, this is not conclusive proof that UFO's are causing this phenomena.  However, it may be of some significance that  anecdotal evidence from the few witnesses to crop circle phenomena point to some sort of sphere of light or vehicle that briefly hovers over the area of the circle and then quickly disappears leaving the intricate pattern behind. 

Earth Energies:

The theory that crop circles somehow harness the energy of the earth is an interesting one.  We know that the earth is a giant resonator, and there is fairly strong evidence of ley lines or an earth grid, with power points where the grid or lines intersect.  Many, if not most crop circles are found near other indicators of power places, such as the megaliths dotting the countryside in England, long thought to have been positioned deliberately in energy areas.  Many people in the vicinity of a newly forming crop circle report noticeable trilling or humming sounds that come from no apparent source, followed by the thrashing of the crops as they bend downward in unison.  Studies involving various kinds of music and its effect on plants showed that playing Hindu chants caused some plants to bend down at an angle of approximately 60 degrees - a very significant finding.  We know that there is a close correlation between music and geometry, and some theorize that crop circle pictures are in effect visual sound waves coming directly from within the earth.   Electromagnetism, gravity, and other earth energies may or may not be involved, and indeed, electromagnetic forces can bend plants if they have enough force, but if this phenomena comes directly from the earth itself, sound likely plays a more integral part.


Hoaxes are prevalent in the crop circle literature, and some are actually pretty well done, but there are always telltale signs, such as footprints and broken plants.  A few have even showed evidence of the maker falling down outside the circle and then propping the crops back up to try to hide the mishap.  The hoaxes are usually rather simplistic in design, and the way the crops have been lain down is not nearly as precise or attractive, with breakage of many of the plants involved and without the intricate layering and weaving of the plants in different directions.  The official stance is that all crop circles are hoaxes, but a look at some of the really remarkable designs that have been seen,  especially in the last few years pretty much refutes the idea that ALL crop circles are hoaxes. 


Various vortexes have been theorized  with relation to the appearance of crop circles, but this doesn't seem too likely.  Anyone who has ever seen an atmospheric vortex such as a tornado or hurricane knows that this type of storm is violent and unpredictable, not to mention destructive, though they may lay plants down in a rough circular fashion.  Plasma vortexes are thought to be caused by freak weather patterns and electrically charged air, similar to ball lightening, and do apparently sometimes glow in the dark - occasionally being mistaken for UFO's, but again, these are volatile and unpredictable weather occurrences that are unlikely to cause a crop circle with a definite geometric pattern.  Water vortexes usually don't form in the middle of a corn field, so they can be pretty much discounted too, other than many people comment upon entering a crop circle that the crops do seem to have been lain down in a fashion much like would occur with a strong water stream. 

Spiritual Energy:

Weird as this one sounds, there is a theory that Sacred Geometry forms have an energy of their own, and that by visualizing these energies in crop circles, we are somehow replacing these same missing energies in ourselves.  There are quite a few reports of people who visualized a certain shape and it appeared within a few days in a nearby crop circle.   There are also numerous reports of people getting energies when standing within a crop circle - either negative or positive - indicating that there is indeed some sort of energy force involved. Whether this is from the Universal Consciousness or whether it's something within our own psyche is yet to be discovered.......


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