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The idea of another dimension - or MORE than one other dimension - has been theorized for many years, and is a cornerstone of many religions. Indeed, even Albert Einstein speculated about the possibility of the existence of a parallel universe. A scientific article entitled "The Universe's Unseen Dimensions," released in August, 2000, postulates that we may actually have scientific proof of other dimensions within the next 10 years! Proof such as this will not only rock the scientific community, but will undoubtedly also shed new light on many currently unexplainable paranormal events.

Psychics and paranormal researchers have long suspected one or more parallel universes, and have often speculated that there may be doorways or "portals" in certain areas that allow entities to travel into our dimension. These entities may be spirits, demons, extraterrestrials, or something we have never even imagined. Well-known hauntings, that persist over long time spans, are likely candidates as portals - as opposed to sites that have been the location of an isolated or otherwise unconnected violent death or tragic accident to which the haunting can be fairly easily traced. Many old Indian burial grounds seem to act as portals, for reasons unknown, other than the Indians consciously located their burial grounds in places that they felt were close to the after-death realm. How they determined which sites fit this criteria is lost knowledge, but a disproportionate number of these "sacred burial grounds" are known hotspots for paranormal activity. Other non-Indian cemeteries are also suspected portal sites, probably for the same reasons - either consciously or unconsciously, the site chosen for the burials was already the site of a portal.

It appears that portals are at fixed places all over the world, and that they don't move or drift from place to place. Whether new portals open up from time to time is unclear, but this definitely warrants further study. Controlled studies done around suspected portals have revealed that there are definite temperature fluctuations in the vicinity of the site. Photographs taken at suspected sites often produce amazing results, and reveal mists, orbs, light streaks, figures, and even saucer-shaped objects - all of which are unseen by the bystanders at the scene, though many do report feeling cold chills. People who are more sensitive report that they get a feeling of "magnetism" at suspected portal sites, and often report that they sense large numbers of entities passing back and forth - which is unusual in an ordinary haunting.

One might wonder why we, as humans, don't seem to be able to pass through these doorways into other dimensions. It appears that the reason is that we are hindered by our physical bodies. However, in meditation or an astral projection situation, it does seem that we may have the capabilities to pass through and explore these realms, and at this writing we are in the process of seeking out reports from people who think they have actually experienced this.

This section will obviously overlap many other sections of this site, and we will try to pinpoint suspected portal sites on other pages where appropriate. If you know of an area that might fit into the description of a portal or doorway site, please let us know, and we will do our best to confirm it. For ghost hunters, portals are basically the "pot of gold" as far as being able to actually experience paranormal activity, and as such, we will devote a good deal of resources and time to locating them and reporting them on these pages. Once again, If you know of a relevant location or story, please do feel free to contact us using the or by E-Mail, as we are very interested in the personal experiences of our readers! As always, do Bookmark this site, as new material is added daily!

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