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We all know that we live in a 3D world, but have you ever stopped to think about what that really means?  We know that physicists are looking hard at the possibility of other dimensions, and most believe that other dimensions HAVE to exist to fully explain what they theorize.  Many also believe that there have to be at least 10  higher dimensions and maybe lots more - but maybe less too.   Unfortunately, at this point we don't know conclusively how many other dimensions exist, and to make it worse, we can't normally perceive any of it because of the limitations of our own 3D existence. 

We know that in this 3D world, we have access to and understand 2D and 1D concepts, so it stands to reason that whatever it is like in the 4th Dimension will also include perception of 3D, 2D, and 1D.  5D would include 4, 3, 2, 1, and so forth - which might explain a lot in terms of almost every aspect of paranormal phenomena.   We are almost surely co-existing with other levels, whether we perceive it or not.   There are various theories as to whether there is bleedthrough from one level to the next, how this might occur, and how and if we could perceive it.  Therefore,  a look at one of the more elegant and thorough theories we have encountered is in order on this page, and we do hope it gives our readers some insight as to how the actual structure of other dimensions may exist and even be perceived as paranormal events.    

In our 3D universe, we have three directions of free movement - left/right, back/forward, and up/down.  It is helpful to see how dimensions increase as we go up through the numbers.  A simple dot in space is considered to be the 0-Dimension.  If that dot had handles, you could pull on it and form a line, which would constitute the 1st Dimension.  There is no up/down or left/right in the 1st Dimension.  If that same 1-Dimensional line had handles, you could pull it out into a square or rectangle, making a 2-Dimensional object.  If that square or rectangle had handles, you could pull it out into a 3D square or rectangle, for a 3-Dimensional object.    See the progression below. 

So basically, if you are in a 1-Dimensional world, you may be able to detect 2nd or higher-Dimensional objects - but in your world they would just appear as ordinary lines.  Indeed,  a 2D inhabitant might be able to detect an object from a 3D world, but there would be no depth to that object.  So it stands to reason, that in a 4D world, there must be another direction in which to go that we in the 3D world are not aware of.  A representation of a 4D cube, or hypercube is below. The graphic represents the original cube, that cube being dragged out into two cubes, and the two cubes being connected for a new 4-Dimensional shape.  

Ok, so what does all this mean?  Basically, the graphics above suggest if we were suddenly in a 4th Dimensional state, we would still have up/down, left/right, and backward/forward, and in addition we would have a fourth option.   Some theorize that time is the 4th dimension - we all know that time is linear and moves only forward - is there another direction for time in the 4th Dimension?  Or is it another spatial direction.........hard to fathom since we don't have any experience or frame of reference.  Unfortunately, all we have are educated guesses at this point, but one of the most intriguing theories we have run across integrates the Superstring theory from physics, the Platonic solids from geometry, the  Octave in music, and the color vibrations of the rainbow - and it makes sense!

Without getting too complex, the Superstring theory postulates that all matter in the universe is connected by an infinite number of miniscule, vibrating "strings" of a yet undiscovered energy that pulsate back and forth in spirals from one single point in space.  All these strings vibrate out the exact same distance (forming a perfect sphere), and then vibrate back to the point of origin.  There are so many strings that some are bound to cross over at certain "node" points, and all strings that form nodes do so in the exact same place relative to the length of the string.   At these node points, the energy would be stronger, because they contain the energy of two strings working together rather than just one.   Farther out on the string, other node points also form where the strings intersect, all in the same relative position on the length of the string.   If you connected all these nodes, you would find yourself drawing 3D geometrical objects, but not just any 3D geometrical objects.  All  lines have to be the same length, with sides the same shape, and each angle the same - all fitting perfectly into a sphere.   There are only five known geometrical patterns that fit this criteria - the Platonic or Sacred Solids, which include the Octahedron, Tetrahedron, Cube, Dodecahedron, and Icosahedron, all pictured below.







Ok, so we have all our geometrical shapes that fit perfectly into spheres.  Could it be that we are looking at the basic structures that form the core foundation for each dimensional universe - the building blocks of life?  Maybe so, and if that's the case, it is not too difficult to guess which one is believed to be the core foundation for our 3D universe.   A look at the ancient pyramids that dot the landscapes on every continent tell the story - it's the  Octahedron, of course.   In fact, the Great Pyramid not only fits the criteria perfectly, it also geometrically and mathematically gives us the coordinates for our earth and solar system (fitting perfectly within the sphere, so to speak).   It is doubtful that this is merely coincidence. 

Now consider that the strings that come together to form these geometrical shapes are in a constant state of vibration, but the vibration or frequency is not uniform throughout the string, i.e. the strings vibrate faster at some points than others, thereby forming more nodes and more complex geometric structures.  Therefore, the higher dimensions must be vibrating at a higher frequency than our own, though all dimensions are still unified by that vibrating string.   

Now,  all the dimensions are aligned and vibrating at different frequencies on that same string, and it is because of that vibration that we must look at how sound relates to this theory.    We know that everything in our existence emits sound according to its own vibrational frequency and we theorize that both sound and light have a so far unknown common ancestor or archetype.  Stars not only shine with light, but they are known to sing......indeed, the very soul of the universe is musical!   Trees have also been noted to sing - there are many reports of audible hums coming from certain kinds of trees.   If you disturb an object  in any way, you will start a vibrational process in that object, and it will start vibrating at it's own unique natural frequency.  The natural frequency of any object is known as its resonance.  If this  frequency or resonance is within the range of human hearing, you will hear a sound being emitted, such as when guitar string is plucked.  If the frequency is out of range, you will be oblivious to the sound, even though there is indeed sound being produced. 

We learned in 3rd grade that all sound both audible and inaudible falls into the basic octave with the notes C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C  - but at different natural frequencies (Hz).    This is a basic law of sound, and now we can start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. 

We have the 5 platonic solids, which as we have seen are actually vibrational crystals.  Since everything in the universe is vibrating, there must be some relation between these solids and the musical scale.  We can add a sphere to each side of the platonic solids to make 7, but where do we get the 8th shape to correspond to the octave?   Basically all we have to do is use the Icosahedron twice.  It is the logical choice because all the other shapes can be derived from it.  It is simply vibrating at a higher frequency on the right side of the figure above.   So now we start seeing some order in all this, as we have matched up two of the important vibrational qualities of our existence - sound (resonance) and form (geometry). 

Now, light vibrates too - and when it does it produces the different colors of the spectrum, as we can easily see by looking at a rainbow.  There are seven basic colors in the rainbow -  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.   Matching these with the octave is easy - just add red at a higher vibrational rate to the end of the color sequence.   Therefore, if singing the octave (do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do), you could match the colors in the rainbow - C=do=red, D=re=orange, E=mi=yellow, F=fa=green, G=so=blue, A=la=indigo, B=ti=violet, C=do=red.

Therefore, in our 3D universe, we are singing an E tone (or faster harmonics of E), and our basic structure is a yellow (or harmonic variation of yellow) octahedra.   This is our reality in its most basic vibrational form.   

Obviously, there are other theories as to how the dimensions work,  but this particular theory is so elegant and fits so perfectly together that there has to be some basic truth in it.  Therefore, for the purposes of this page we will use it until we find something more convincing. 

Future pages on this site will expound more on this theory, as many paranormal reports of various kinds do give us clues as to their origin, and as to whether they originate in a co-existing dimension.   For instance, if you take a picture and a green mist shows up in it, that gives you a clue that a 4th dimension object or entity may have bled through into your reality, creating that paranormal experience.   Do think about this concept as you go about your daily life - you will start noticing more and more in colors, shapes, and even music around you that will give you clues about the physical, spiritual, and paranormal world around you!  FEEL the vibrations of people and objects around you, and you will become more in tune with the vibrational planes of your existence........ 


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