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The Philadelphia Experiment

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For those who are unfamiliar, the Philadelphia Experiment was an alleged 1943 attempt by the US Military to render a military ship invisible to enemy warships - which yielded some very unexpected results.   Simply stated, the story goes that in 1943  as the result of a wartime research experiment, the newly commissioned destroyer, the USS Eldridge, disappeared in a green mist from a port in Philadelphia, reappeared briefly in Norfolk, Virginia - disappeared again, and eventually rematerialized in Philadelphia.  On the surface, it would appear that this experiment exceeded all expectations - not only was the ship invisible to enemy detection, it also disappeared physically for a time and may have actually traveled through an alternate dimension of time.  However, the effects on the crew were devastating, and these effects are what drive most of the speculation regarding this interesting event today. 

The problem with a discussion of the Philadelphia Experiment is that nobody really knows what type of engineering would go into a project such as this, and very little reliable technical information is available to help us determine such.  We do know that technology advanced rapidly during World War II, and that the government would have definitely been interested in technology related to large-scale camouflage.   Whether this would have consisted of experimentation in electromagnetism, thermofields, ultrasonic waves, or a combination is a mystery.  Any of the above could theoretically produce a camouflaging effect and the disabling effects that were seen in the crew afterwards.  As one might expect, the government categorically denies that the Eldridge was involved in any kind of top secret camouflage experimentation, and has published a stock report saying so.   But as we all know, that doesn't make it so. 

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