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The Bermuda Triangle or "Devil's Triangle" is a triangular-shaped area off the coast of Florida that is famous for reports in which strange disappearances occur and magnetic compasses go haywire.  The area is situated in the Atlantic Ocean and is generally thought of as having apexes at Miami, Bermuda, and San Juan.  This area contains some of the deepest sub-oceanic trenches in the world,  encompasses the fast-moving waters of the Gulf Stream,  and has frequent strong water spouts and violent storms, making at least some of the reported odd phenomena attributable to human error or mishap.

The US Coast Guard acknowledges the fact that there are definite environmental anomalies in this area, but goes on to say that human error is by far the more bizarre phenomena that happens in these waters.  The area sustains heavy traffic, both by air and by sea,  and certainly accidents are bound to happen. Inexperienced mariners or pilots who don't take into account variations in compass readings or environmental anomalies in the area can and do get into serious trouble, accounting for many of the unexplained disappearances in the area. 

However, even if every one of these stories were found to be attributable to human error or natural phenomena, the area is still fascinating for other reasons, not the least of which includes speculation that it encompasses the lost continent of Atlantis, and that it is a doorway to other dimensions. There is also speculation that the seabed in this area contains huge amounts of methane gas that is released suddenly due to changes in the sea bed, releasing large, unpredictable plumes of gas that have the capability to swallow ships or planes within minutes - without a trace. 

One interesting theory is that the Bermuda Triangle is just one of many "vile vortices" that exist in both hemispheres all over the globe, a subject that we are researching and will publish more information on very soon.

Rather than dredging through the reports of disappearances, we are going to attempt to look at the area of the Bermuda Triangle with all it's anomalies and try to make some sense of it all on this page.  There are several interesting aspects of the area that warrant a closer look:

Triangular Shape:  The triangle has had mystical and magical connotations attached to it since before written history - after all, the Great Pyramid  is sitting out there for all to see - and it is a perfect triangle with a whole slew of unknowns surrounding it.  Having said that, is the triangular shape of the Bermuda Triangle of any significance?  Yes, but not like one might indeed does appear to be on a strong energy line or vortex in addition to all the variations described above, but this appears to be more relevant to its placement on earth than the actual triangular shape made by the 3 reference points by which we identify it.

Electromagnetism: Certainly electromagnetism has played a role in the mystery surrounding the Bermuda Triangle.  This is one of only two places in the world where the compass points true north.  However, the fact is that as you circumnavigate the earth you find compass variations of up to 22 percent at various locations.  At first glance, this does not seem significant in any real sense, but again, if one looked worldwide very closely, this points to a strong vortex of some sort within the Bermuda Triangle area.   We are continuing research in this area and will post updates soon.

The Lost Continent of Atlantis:  Speculation that Atlantis was located in or very near the area of the Bermuda Triangle is probably the most interesting aspect of the Bermuda Triangle phenomena.  Mainly because of psychic Edgar Cayce's revelations, the Bahamas and surrounding sea in particular have been pinpointed as a likely site for this lost continent.  Speculation has it that if the water was lowered in the area by 300 feet or so, the dimensions and topology originally described by Plato would match almost exactly.   Indeed,  a report in 2001 of an underwater city that has been found off the western tip of Cuba may shed some light on this mystery.  It could be that the continent encompassed the entire Caribbean area and that the land forms we know today are the highest mountain peaks of that lost civilization. 

Unexplained variations in compass readings other than those attributable to normal compass variation discussed above have been reported in the Caribbean area, and most agree that  psychic energy is very high here.  Some suggest that the Bermuda Triangle phenomena is directly related to sunken batteries or crystals from the lost continent of Atlantis still emitting energies from the ocean floor.

Portal to Another Dimension:  Another interesting theory about the Bermuda Triangle area is that certain places there serve as portals to other dimensions.  The sheer number of credible eyewitness UFO reports makes this an area warranting serious further study with respect to either permanent or ever-changing possible portal sites.  Credible scientists making careful observations in the area have reported anomalies in magnetism and gravitational forces here that cannot be explained by conventional physics, introducing the possibility that there is a dynamic opening and closing of other dimensional doorways in the vicinity.

In summary, the Bermuda Triangle is a fascinating area with a rich history that does seem to be conducive to supernatural phenomena in some respects, though further analytical study is definitely needed.   There is speculation that the US government is already conducting covert tests in the Bahamas area, specifically Bimini, though exactly what they are looking for is as much a mystery as the area itself.  Indeed, the famous "Bimini Road" is located on this island, where some say portions of the ruins of Atlantis can be seen in the clear shallow water.   The National Geographic Society is reportedly investigating the reports of the lost city beneath the waters off Cuba, but they have not made any public announcements about what they have found to date.  We will be keeping an eye on this development, so do check back often for further information.



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