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Our environment is full of magical, mystical, and mysterious places that defy explanation.  There are treasures yet to be found, stone carvings we don't yet understand, and architectural feats to be explained.  Even as we live in what we consider to be the most technologically advanced society in all history, there are currently no air-tight explanations for most of the true wonders of our planet and beyond.  Please consider the items below......

The Great Pyramids of Egypt are the oldest structures on earth, contain compelling evidence of a civilization far more advanced than ours, and most likely existed thousands of years before the great flood.  With their original exteriors, they could probably be seen from the moon.

The Mayan Civilization left behind incredible structures containing precise calculations and prophecies regarding the exact date of end of the world........Do you know that date?

A site being studied on the side of Mt.  Ararat in Turkey may be the remains of the Biblical Noah's Ark.

Scientists are currently quietly investigating a site off the western tip of Cuba that some say may be part of the lost city of Atlantis.

We know less about the bottom of our own seas than we do about outer space. 

There is a form on the surface of Mars that strongly appears to resemble an Egyptian face carving.  Is there a link?

These are just a few of the many fascinating and mysterious places we intend to visit on these pages.  From sunken cities to lost treasure to the forgotten wisdom of the ancients, the purpose of this section is to study and try to shed light on the most unusual places on earth.  This section is a work in progress, so please be tolerant of our under construction pages.

Enough said!  Let's travel the world.....



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