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Dowsing is purported to be a psychic method of finding hidden things, i.e. water, gold, treasure, etc.  To tell the truth, we had a little trouble when we embarked on the research for this page, because for every document that touts the wonders of Dowsing, there is another document that describes controlled studies in which dowsers basically performed very poorly.

Despite this, Dowsing has been utilized for hundreds of years, and in Europe it is still considered a valid medium for finding water, etc.  As such, we will treat it as a viable phenomena for the purposes of this page, as it does seem to work in some cases. 

The use of Pendulums to answer questions is a variation on traditional Dowsing methods, and again, this is met with quite a bit of skepticism as far as the literature is concerned.  This use of Dowsing comes very close to the concept of using Ouija Boards for insight into the unknown, and quite frankly, it seems to us that a Ouija Board is much better suited for this type of inquiry.  However, we will leave that decision to the reader, and do our best to describe and report various techniques and tools used in Dowsing on these pages.

All concerned seem to agree that Dowsing is a learned art that comes with practice, and that it is probably not a spiritual entity that causes the rods or pendulums to react in the ways they do.  Rather, the results appear to come from inside the dowser himself, and indeed, some people have the innate ability to find whatever they are looking for without the use of tools of any kind. 

For most of us, however, a tool of some sort is required, and on the following pages in this section, we will concentrate on how to make or acquire the proper tools for Dowsing, and how to actually utilize them for the desired results.  This is a work in progress, so please Bookmark and return often, as we update daily.


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