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If one had to choose the top mysterious power spot on earth, the easy choice would be the Giza Pyramids in Egypt.  These huge structures have withstood the ravages of thousands of years virtually intact - yet we know very little about what they are, when they were built,  who built them, how they were built, or what purpose they were designed to serve.  Just the undertaking of a discussion on this fascinating topic is a daunting proposition because there are so many theories covering so many disciplines on every aspect of the subject.

The official Egyptian brochures say that the three big pyramids in the Giza complex were built as tombs for kings.   These purport that the largest and most precise of these Pyramids, often called the Great Pyramid, was built by King Khufu (Cheops) sometime around 2,550 BC.   It is believed that Khufu's son, Khafre built the second largest pyramid and the Sphinx later, and that Khafre's son Menkaure built the smallest pyramid in the trio.  Each pyramid has a mortuary temple and valley temple joined by what were long enclosed causeways, and the landscape surrounding the pyramids is dotted with the tombs of attendants and other royal family members.   

Though this is the official description of the history of the pyramids, there is evidence to suggest that the pyramids are much older than previously thought, and that they did not serve as tombs of any sort.   Having said that, the purpose of this section is to detail the various theories as when the pyramids were built, who built them, when and how were they built, and for what purpose.  

On the Mystical side, the Pyramids - especially the Great Pyramid - may tell us things that we haven't discovered about ourselves, our world, and even our universe.   They may tell us of the beginning and the end.  They may give us yet undiscovered insights into physics, harmonics, geometry, mathematics, and architecture to name just a few of the possibilities. 

The Pyramid complex at Giza is a complicated, but VERY important topic for the purposes of the Mystical Blaze website, and we will continually try here to put complex concepts in as understandable a format as is possible for the average reader.  Please see the links above left for various aspects and theories regarding these fabulous masterpieces of construction and precision.....


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