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Though most of the secrets of the Great Pyramid are to this day still shrouded in mystery, the one thing we can determine with certainty is the placement and physical attributes of this majestic ancient structure.  Even this part of the subject is fascinating, revealing complicated and significant mathematical, astrological, geographical, geometric, and precision construction work unlike anything we have even in our own advanced technological society.  Indeed, there is some evidence that the message that the ancients were trying to preserve through the millennia  my actually be embedded mathematically in the pyramid structures themselves, as no artifacts of any real significance have ever been found in any of the Pyramids.    Therefore, an in-depth look at this aspect of the puzzle is a must for us all. 

The Great Pyramid is the oldest structure on the face of the earth, and is also the most well-built.   It was the tallest structure on earth (480 feet or about 48 stories high) until approximately 100 years ago.  It consists of over two million stones, none of which weigh less than a ton and some of which weigh 20 tons or more.  It is put together with mortar joints that are consistently 1/50th of an inch, which is an astounding feat of precision work.   It covers over 13 acres of land with each side measuring over 5 acres, and is solid throughout other than the pathways and chambers that have been discovered so far.   The sides are very slightly concave for unknown reasons, making this the only 8-sided Pyramid in existence.  This feature can only be seen from the air, and only when the light is just right.  The Great Pyramid has an estimated weight of about 6.3 million tons (one billionth the weight of the earth itself), and includes a ball and socket construction on the cornerstones, making it somewhat flexible and enabling it to survive earthquakes and heat expansion.  It was originally covered with highly polished casing stones weighing up to 20 tons that were mortared in with an unknown mortar mix that still exists on the surface of the structure today.  This polished limestone when intact was probably a visible glimmer from as far away as the moon. 

The Great Pyramid is aligned almost perfectly North/South, with only 3 degrees of variation, a feat that no structure in our modern world has even come close to approaching.  As such, it works as a giant sundial, accurately marking the solstices and equinoxes each year.  It sits on a foundation that is over 13 acres in area and is almost perfectly level, only varying in height by 1/2 inch over the entire surface - another feat that we cannot duplicate today despite modern technology.  It sits in the exact center of land mass of the earth at 30 degrees north and 31 degrees east, and is also believed to be precisely at the center of gravity of the earth.   Though at first glance, these findings may seem coincidental, all other factors considered, this was very probably a very conscious placement by the builders.

Complicated mathematical inferences can be made by studying the geometry of the Great Pyramid, one of which suggests that the builders knew the circumference of the earth, and also knew that it was not a perfect round shape.  Tiny discrepancies in the measurements at the base of the pyramid that were originally thought to be errors on the part of the builders are now thought to be purposeful, and geometrically the numbers accurately depict the circumference and shape of the earth, with the errors accurately corresponding to the flattening of the earth at the poles.   As such, it is certainly a geodetic monument (a structure built using applied mathematics concerned with the determination of the size and shape of the earth and the exact positions of points on its surface), as well as a giant sundial, and it probably also served as an observatory, but these are likely  incidental uses rather than the main point of the structure, which is unknown at this time. 

More interesting facts related to measurements of the Pyramids are listed below:

  • There are 36,525 Pyramid inches in the perimeter of the Great Pyramid - the exact number of days in 100 years.
  • The measurement of a straight line of the base of the pyramid corner to corner converted to the Mean Tropical Year in days is exactly correct at 365.242.
  • The length of the sides of the triangle converted is 365.256 days - the exact length of the earth's solar revolution in days.
  • The length of the sides of the pyramid if it had a capstone converts to the exact orbital revolution of the earth in days - 365.259.
  • Half the length of the diagonal of the base x 10^6 reveals the distance of the earth from the sun. 
  • The average height of earth's land mass above sea level is the exact height of the Great Pyramid.

Mathematics aside, the basic shape and orientation of the pyramids appears to have some impact on biological systems,  plants, and even non-organic substances such as rocks.   It was noted early on that dead animals found inside the Great Pyramid would not decay, but would dehydrate and mummify despite the humid conditions inside, and subsequent studies seem to bear this out.   Studies using seed left in a pyramid shape and then planted have suggested that the seedlings are more vigorous after this treatment.  Unfortunately, studies on humans who have lived or worked in pyramid shapes have been inconclusive, with some reporting better health, and some reporting annoying ringing sounds and an uneasy feeling.

The capstone of the Great Pyramid is missing, and today there is a triangular antenna-looking device on top to demonstrate the dimensions of the theoretical capstone that nobody is sure ever existed.  No reports of anyone seeing a capstone have ever been found - with all who visited through history saying there was no capstone there.   It is unknown whether the missing capstone is by design or if it was stolen or removed in some ancient time.   It is possible, albeit exhausting to climb to the summit of the pyramid, where the top is flat and about 30 feet in any direction.  Reports of a palpable electrically charged field when raising the hand toward the sky are common at the apex.  One theory to explain this is that a large pyramid shape when properly positioned splits magnetism, electricity, and light that are moving together over the surface of the earth, eventually discharging them in a cone of energy that extends all the way to the ionosphere.  It surprises us that more studies on this phenomenon are not available, as this very fact may in the end go a long way in explaining the real purpose of the Great Pyramid of GIza. 


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