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COMMENT:  With regard to the Seth material, sit back, relax, and concentrate on what you are reading.   The importance of understanding and implementing these comments in daily life should become apparent fairly early on........

"This is a difficult subject. For the movement of heavy tons of rock, for example, different techniques using sound and precise mathematical calculations were necessary. Many civilizations grew and flourished in fertile areas simply because the people knew how to make them fertile and to keep them that way."

"The pyramids, the huge boulders etched out.  All of this was done in one way or another through the use of a knowledge of both coordination points in space and the use of sound.  There were instruments that released sound, and directed it in the same way, say, that a laser beam does with light."

"The pyramids exist as other than physical matter, but it is only as physical matter that you perceive them. There are several important issues connected with the pyramids that are not as yet understood. The symbols upon them often were meant to be sounded. The sound setting up reverberations. Some of these would automatically open up many doors, leading to as yet undiscovered secrets - but only for those who understood the use of sound.  The Egyptians then were also helped, and told how to construct the pyramids."

These are impressions that Jane got on the subject of the Great Pyramid:

"Something about how they prepared the air first, for the construction of the pyramid...Now Iím getting the feeling of an awful lot of people, chanting - thousands of them - this still has to do with the pyramids.  I feel that a whole mass of people would visualize a pyramid in their imagination, then through their chanting, the use of certain vowels and pitches, they actually changed the air where that building was going to be. They made a boundary in the air.......a cohesiveness for this imaginary structure.

Then they had certain kinds of tuning forks, then some kind of instrument. The noise of the chant was like something that youíd use to turn on this instrument - when the chant got to a certain pitch it turned on this instrument, and it somehow intensified and focused sound to what we would call an incredible energy degree - broke it down and then focused it in certain directions.  You could move very heavy objects with it. The objects were levitated - raised up in the air, no matter how heavy. They only needed to be guided by people to some degree. Many men were used in guiding them but not to lift or carry them. The sound instrument had a fantastic cohesive effect that bound atoms and molecules together.

And besides that, the instruments also set up some kind of extra charge that we donít understand yet, around objects that were so constructed, like the pyramids.  Doors and passageways inside the pyramids will open through the correct sound messages and signals, and were designed only to open if those correct signals were given.  There are also invisible pyramids - we just canít see them.  These pyramids were constructed in such a way that they reflect everything else, so that when you look at them you donít see them as objects. Wait, Iím not getting this right...theyíre perfect camouflages of wherever they are, but certain sound pitches would make them visible. There are some invisible rooms like that inside the regular pyramids, too.  These are structures engineered on our earth extremely cleverly. Sound patterns would physically materialize them, but if these patterns arenít given then the structures are just out of the range of what weíd normally call physical. Theyíre complete if this pattern is given or spoken.  Itís as though theyíre frozen - this isnít a good word - at a certain stage until these patterns are given.  All objects have their own sound patterns that help form their structure as much as the atoms and molecules do.......

Jane had the feeling that heavier sounds were at the bottom. These formed the base of the pyramid.  It was all important, she said, that the heavier sounds were at the base of the structures. Like the musical scale, she felt that the sounds used in building the pyramids made steps in the air that you couldnít see. Certain sounds went up - certain sounds bound things together - they all had purposes...


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