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The official Egyptian stance on the subject of when the Pyramids were actually constructed has come under some serious criticism in the last century as evidence builds that the Pyramids are far older than previously thought.  Obviously, the Egyptians have many reasons to "keep it in the family" by perpetuating the classic theory of the pyramids being constructed in about 4,300 B.C. by ancient Egyptian kings, and they do have some evidence for this theory, though at this point it seems highly questionable. 

The first piece of evidence is from a man named Herodotus who visited Egypt in 443 B.C. and related a story about the Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops) building the great pyramid.   Unfortunately, Herodotus was considered an unreliable liar even by his peers of the day, and thus his story has to be taken with a grain of salt. 

The other main piece of evidence for this timeline is an inscription that was supposedly found by Col. Richard Howard-Vyse after blasting his way into the airspace chambers  above the King's Chamber in 1837.  We know that Richard's research money was running low at the time and that he desperately needed a major find in the Pyramid for continued funding.  It is highly suspected that the inscriptions he supposedly "found" in the airspace chamber were actually written by him.   This forgery may conceivably have worked, as basically the same red paint that the ancients used is still used today in Egypt, but the content of the inscriptions is incongruent with the timeline to say the least, including sayings that didn't surface until a couple thousand years later, and blatant misspellings.  From the record, Pharaoh Khufu himself says that he only did repair work on an already existing Pyramid complex and built three small pyramids in the area for himself and his family.  Indeed, on the east side of the Pyramid there are ruins of three small pyramids, one of which has produced evidence of being the tomb of his wife.....

Many legends passed down from ancient civilizations mention the Pyramid as a repository of sorts to protect the knowledge of a highly advanced civilization from "a flood."  This is significant, and there are records that indicate that before the limestone surface of the Pyramids was stripped away, there was a water line that reached to about halfway up the Great Pyramid - about 240 feet - strongly suggesting that the Pyramids were built before the great flood - which occurred around 10,000 B.C.  Inside, when the Great Pyramid was first opened, there were thick salt deposits along the walls to about halfway up.  Though some of this salt is attributable to natural weeping by the rocks, some is also consistent chemically with sea salt - another strong piece of evidence for the Pyramids being in existence before the Great Flood.  Indeed, modern studies indicate that 10,000 B.C. was a time of massive geomagnetic, climactic and geologic changes, and it is also the time frame that Plato uses to describe the destruction of the great civilization of Atlantis - assumedly from the same catastrophic events.  

There is some evidence astronomically that coincides with the 10,000 - 12,000 B.C. timeline for the construction of the Pyramids.   It has long been strongly suspected that the Pyramids have an integral connection to the night sky, and to the constellation Orion in particular.  The three Pyramids are not in perfect, straight alignment as one might expect, but are slightly askew.  This configuration is strongly suggestive of  three stars in Orion's belt, though their orientation is different.  However, if you turn the clock back by about 10,500 years, suddenly the orientation and alignment becomes perfect (see comparison below).  This is strong evidence in support of the Pyramids being built during this time in ancient history rather than the classical timeframe given to us by mainstream Egyptologists. 

Lastly, and this one is certainly debatable but does warrant mention - Edgar Cayce, one of the most noted psychics of our time, correlated the Pyramids to the time of Atlantis and dated them to - you guessed it - 10,500 B.C.............

Though none of this is concrete proof of the timeline of the advent of the Pyramids, the evidence does seem to point to a much more remote civilization than has been presented in the official literature, and raises many more questions such as how an assumedly primitive society could erect such massive and precise structures and why............topics that can be researched using the links at top left.......



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