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Wands - Imagination and creativity - Element Fire

Ace of Wands - Time is ripe for new creative endeavor.   Upsurge in energy.  New undertaking.  New initiative.  Vigor.  Natural force.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Stagnation, boredom.

Numerology - 1 represents a beginning, start, birth, new cycle.


Two of Wands - Work is underway.  Balance between action and passivity.  Potential not fulfilled yet.  Energy, enterprise, passion, with balance.  New venture starting on firm foundation.  Many opportunities but outcomes not clear yet.  Good advice being given and received.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Not doing something important, failure.

Numerology - 2 represents duality, the combing of two 1's, the concept of self and other.

Three of Wands - Completion of the first phase.  End result reached but necessary for new beginning.  Satisfaction or disappointment in end result.    Taking the lead.  Going places others can't go.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Something has gone wrong.  Disappointment.

Numerology - 3 is the number of the triad (triangle), an important religious symbol.  It generally means cooperation, peace, harmony, success. 

Four of Wands - A time to reap rewards.  Celebration.  Congratulations.  Harvest time.  Work turns into a viable entity.  Initial success, but more work to do.  Holiday period of rest and relaxation.  Warning not to bask in success for too long.  Cooperating with others.  Conclusions based on experience and knowledge.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Fear of loss of security or something being taken away, uneasiness, unreliability, anxiety.

Numerology - 4 represents completion.  It is the number of order and structure.  It represents father, mother, son, daughter - the completion of family.  There are 4 compass directions and 4 elements.    It represents material reality.

Five of Wands - Struggle and frustration.  Annoyance.  Writer's block.  Artist's block.  Petty irritations.  One step forward and two steps back.  Tricky and confusing relationships.  Tough competition.  Don't back off.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Something inadvertently gone wrong.

Numerology - 5 is the midpoint between 0 and 10 and therefore represents a mid-point.  Usually an unstable number.  Turning point or change in the air.  The pentagram has 5 stars depicting the head and outstretched arms and legs. 

Six of Wands - Public acclaim and success.  Recognition by others.  Promotion at work.  Article published.  Acknowledgment by authority.

Reversed - Could be public criticism, demotion.

Numerology - 6 represents the resolution of the unsettled state of 5.  It represents new balance, harmony, cooperation. 

Seven of Wands - Stiff competition.  Courage to face obstacles.  Improve on past accomplishments.  Change in profession.  Struggle with self image.  Influence over subordinate.  Healthy and creative conflict.  Promotion through planning.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Could be bogged down in detail.

Numerology - 7 is the number of spiritualism or introspection.  It means action, movement, or change for good or bad.

Eight of Wands - Action and excitement.  Desire for expansion.  Full speed ahead.  Busy, productive period.  No more delays.  Fortune is on your side.  Things happening quickly.  Quick message or sign.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Nothing ever comes to fruition.  Stagnation. Untrustworthiness.

Numerology - 8 represents material accomplishment, success, power. 

Nine of Wands - Inner strength.  Strong internal resources.  Courage.  Integrity.  Wisdom through experience.  Struggle with the hope of victory in the face of hardship.  Often doubting, worrying, and fear preceding victory.  Could mean a need to face fears or admit faults and turn to inner strength.  Concerned with exterior appearance.  Stubborn and obstinate.  Competitive.  Accumulation of strength and courage, but always with a doubting nature.    Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Not noting danger signs, a recent problem.  

Numerology - Nine is the last single digit in the series 1-10.  It signals near-completion of a cycle or wisdom gained at the end of a cycle. 

Ten of Wands - Oppressive burdens.  Overreached limits.  Selfishness.  Failure.  Lying.  Malice.  Slander.  Envy.  Stubbornness.  Disruption.  Joy and excitement trapped in reality.  Find a way to lessen the burden.  Don't take the burdens of others.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - A feeling of relief from burden.  Generosity.  Self-sacrifice.

Numerology - 10 represents the final ending or goal.  The cycle has ended and a new cycle is beginning. 

Page of Wands - Messenger with creative ideas.  Something in its infancy.  Eagerness.  New ideas.  Inspiring person sparks creativity.  Study, learning, artistry.  Initial spark of interest.  Flame that can be fanned into something important.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Withdrawn, shy. 

Knight of Wands - Young man with blonde hair and blue or gray eyes.  Energy and action.  Adventure, extravagance.  Strong intuition.  Vivid imagination.  Turning ordinary into extraordinary.  Someone entering your life who is strong, creative, confident.  Successful.  No regrets.  May be related to a big move of some sort.  Change in relationship.  Quarrel in relationship.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Angry, shy, withdrawn, cruel, intolerant, prejudiced, ill-natured.

Zodiac Sign - Sagittarius

Queen of Wands - A woman with light red or blonde hair and blue or brown eyes.   Generosity and strength.  Satisfying relationships and home life.  Not a risk taker.  Does not like to lose.  Someone available and nurturing.  Generous friend.  Shares good fortune.  Loyal.  Dependable.  Impatient with fools.  Might represent a lucky break or great opportunity.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Shy, angry, withdrawn, domineering, revengeful. 

Zodiac Sign - Leo. 

King of Wands - A man with sandy hair and blue or brown eyes.  Charismatic leader.  Positive outlook.  Natural leader.  Infectious optimism.  Ambitious.  Competitive.  Encourages others.  Believes in himself and expects followers.  Might mean something has come to fruition.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed  - Shy and withdrawn. 

 Zodiac Sign - Aries

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