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0.  The Fool - The urge to change overcomes the fear involved.  Fresh start.  New beginning.  New opportunity.  Break out of status quo.  Old way not satisfactory and risk must be taken.  New chapter in life.  One more step ahead.  Originality.  Eccentricity.  Take advantage of opportunities.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Dispersion of energy.

Numerology - 0 - Only the Fool carries the number zero in Tarot.  Zero is the number of absoluteness.  Absolute beginning and/or ending.  The rest of the Major Arcana represent lessons that the fool has to learn.  

1.  The Magician - New beginnings, opportunities, talents.  Great energy and potential.  Choose path - material, emotional, intellectual, creative.  Creativity versus action.  Reason.  Finding a wider audience.  Flashes of knowledge or premonitions about which way to go.  The conscious mind.  Turns ideas into reality.  The Magician presides over all the cards in the Minor Arcana and his strength and properties are always influenced by the neighboring cards in a reading.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Too much communication, too intellectual, manipulative. 

2.  The High Priestess - Secrets revealed.  Mysteries uncovered.  Filter through which ideas and intuitions pass.  Time to uncover secrets in life.  Something in the unconscious waiting to come out.  Be guided by intuition.  Bridge to higher plane.  Review health and diet.  Change.  Fluctuation.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Superstitious, deluded. 

3.  The Empress - Creativity, fertility, relationships.  Cultivate creativity.  A time of abundance, fertility, domestic stability.  Security and contentment through physical comfort.  Satisfaction at bringing something to fruition.  Possibility of relationship, family, marriage.  Creative processes and artistic pursuits.  Mother figure.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Too easy going.  Not protecting your rights. 

4.  The Emperor -   Authority, ambition, material stability.  Power of the mind.  Father figure.  Time to take control of material aspects.  Creating job, buying property.  Make definite changes.  Bring ideas into concrete reality.  Discipline and direction.  Practicality.  Mover and shaker.  The struggle for personal independence.  Putting all things together.  Logic and mind for problem solving.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed -  Bossy, unable to receive from others.

5. The Heirophant - Search for spiritual meaning.  Wish to find meaning in life.  Wanting more than material things.  Teacher, mentor, or spiritual person is coming into your life.  Dissatisfied with earthly things.  Inner being. Intuition.  Enlightenment.  Union of body, mind, spirit.  Hidden power behind the scenes.  Occult powers.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Stuck in tradition.  Unable to change with times.

6.  The Lovers - Love and choice.  Make a choice by committing in love, way of life, ideas by refuting something.  Consider all ramifications before making a choice.  Weigh the advantages and disadvantages.  Intensity in relationships. Extent modified by surrounding cards.  

Reversed - Obsessive relationship.  Making the mistakes.  Not learning from past. 

7.  The Chariot - Struggle and tension.  Struggle resulting in triumph.  Cycle of struggle, resolution, struggle resolution.  Pull thoughts and emotions together to reach a goal.  Aggressively face hardship to progress further.  Caring, nurturing.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Incompletion, not finishing cycle.

8.  Strength - Inner courage and strength.  Self discipline.  Being constructive rather than destructive.  Intention is cause.  Energy follows thought.  Power with control.  Control over material forces.  The fire within.  One of the four cardinal virtues. Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Too emotional.  Not thinking situations through. 

9.  The Hermit - Patience and Prudence.  Spiritual illumination.  Prudence, caution, vigilance.  Time to withdraw from outside and look inward.  Shift in perception such as from youth to middle age.  Acceptance and understanding of things that can't be changed.  Wisdom, patience, new appreciation of life.  Realization that power and wealth isn't everything.  Spiritual awakening.  Withdrawal.  Reconsideration.  One of the four cardinal virtues.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Isolation, alienation.

10.  The Wheel of Fortune - Changes in fortune.  Circumstances are changing.  New phase beginning, either upward or downward.  Up or down may be gleaned from surrounding cards.  Opportunity, faith, abundance.  Evolutionary process.  The balance between success and failure.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Same as above but either enhanced or diminished.

11.  Justice - Balanced mind through logic.  Power of the mind.  Time to use logic and reason.  Unemotional judgment.  Fairness and equality.  Achieving a sense of balance and harmony.  Correcting wrongs.  Cutting out negativity.  One of the four cardinal virtues.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Injustice, imbalance. 

12. The Hanged Man - Sacrifice.  Suffering.  Look at life from another angle.  Need for new outlook.  Voluntary or involuntary sacrifice.  Let go of something to make way for something else.  Change of mind.  Relinquishing in hopes of something more valuable.  Look in subconscious to find importance or changes.  Alert suspended activity.  Period of rest.  Period of change.  Moment of aware calm.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Skewed reality. 

13.  Death - Transformation and change.  Something must end.  End of childhood.  End of single life.  End of job.  End of marriage.  Something dies for new beginning.  Sad but necessary end.  Unwanted and welcome at the same time.  Clearing away negative conditions for new and better.  Transformation with rebirth.  Make a clean sweep. Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - hanging on - not letting go.

14.   Temperance - Cooperation and sharing.  Control your emotions.  Moderation is the key to contentment.  Success in relationships.  Disciplined.  Careful.  Mature.  Time to concentrate on feelings and relationships. Reflection on life.  Coming to appreciation of what we are and what we have learned.  Usually a positive card.  One of the four cardinal virtues.  Extent modified by surrounding cards.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Too introspective.  Stuck in the past. 

15.  The Devil - Power and energy imprisoned.  The dark aspects of the psyche.  Not facing truth.  Time to remove blocks and inhibitions.  Don't let negativity stop you.  Opportunity to release fear and bondage.  Examine what is really going on.  Sense of release.  Stop repressing.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Lack of vision.  Blocked energy. 

16.  The Tower - Demolishing the old to make way for the new.  Face inner worlds honestly.  Validating rules and thoughts and throwing out old and outdated.  Fresh start.  The need for strong foundations.  Tempest before rebirth.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - Unsafe or precarious foundations. 

17.  The Star - Hope and Inspiration.  Realization.  Radiance.  Positive attitude in tough times.  Optimism.  Encouragement.  Rejuvenation.  Inspiration.  Renewal  of energy.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reversed - False sense of security.

18. The Moon - Fluctuation and confusion.  Darkness.  Uncertainty.  Period of uncertainty and fluctuation.  Volatile feelings.  Unstable moods.  Fear.  Inhibitions.  Take nothing for granted.  Donít hurry important decisions.  Be patient and don't force a situation.  The world of dreams.  The end of a major cycle.  Completion.  Make sure you are not deceiving yourself.  Extent modified by surrounding cards.  

Reversed - Deception, lies. 

19.  The Sun - Joy, optimism, clarity of vision.  This is generally a positive card with positive energy.  Possibilities.  Enthusiasm.  Exhilaration.  Can do attitude.  Positive influence even with more difficult cards.  Action and positive thought.  Strength, good health, good cheer.  Growth. Harmonious development.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reverse - Danger of burn-out.  Beware of pride.

20.  Judgment - Resurrection and resolution.  Summation of what has been achieved through the previous cards.  Karma.  Reaping what has been sown.  It is time to make an assessment.  Time to look at what you have done.  Make choices for the next phase.  Powerful transformative energy.  Immense pressure.  Spiritual understanding.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reverse - Phobias, obsessions. 

21.  The World - Achievement, success, completion.  Final card of major arcana.  The moment of completion has arrived.  Time to start on a new journey.  Attainment.  Extent modified by surrounding cards. 

Reverse - Heavy burden.  Fear.

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