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Cups - Feelings and Emotions - Element Water

Ace of Cups - New beginning emotionally. All aces signify a new beginning. Start of new relationship. New love. New friendship. Very strong initial attraction. Passionate involvement in work or project. Upsurge of strong feelings. Deep love or deep hate, maybe at the same time. Emotional fulfillment. Being in touch with emotions. Extent modified by surrounding cards.

Reversed - The need to get out emotionally.

Numerology - 1 represents a beginning, start, birth, new cycle.

Two of Cups - Friendship. Relationship success. Start of new relationship. Early stages of relationship. New phase in existing relationship, whether good or bad. News of a happy event. New attraction. Infatuation. Extent modified by surrounding cards.

Reversed - Souring of friendship or relationship. Jealousy.

Numerology - 2 represents duality, the combing of two 1's, the concept of self and other.

Three of Cups - Celebration. Peak experience after which life resumes. Birth of child. Ceremony. Wedding. Engagement. Joyful time. Sharing good times with loved ones. Reunion with friends. Extent modified by surrounding cards.

Reversed - Tension between friends or family.

Numerology - 3 is the number of the triad (triangle), an important religious symbol. It generally means cooperation, peace, harmony, success.

Four of Cups - Discontent. Boredom. Mundane, routine. Refusal to look on the bright side. Bad attitude. Examine mood of discontent. Reality versus feelings. Reaching out for new. Extent modified by surrounding cards.

Reversed - Apathy. Staying with status quo.

Numerology - 4 represents completion. It is the number of order and structure. It represents father, mother, son, daughter - the completion of family. There are 4 compass directions and 4 elements. It represents material reality.

Five of Cups - Regret and sorrow. Disappointment in love. Change and difficulty. Emotional difficulty. Relationship problems with friends or loss of friends. Regret over decisions. Disillusionment. Deceit. Treachery. Betrayal. Unexpected troubles from unexpected places. Nearby cards can reveal whether your fault or not. Something has been lost, but something can be redeemed. Extent modified by surrounding cards.

Reversed - Despondency. Failure to look at the bright side.

Numerology - 5 is the midpoint between 0 and 10 and therefore represents a mid-point. Usually an unstable number. Turning point or change in the air. The pentagram has 5 stars depicting the head and outstretched arms and legs.

Six of Cups - Past memories and future dreams. Help on the way from friends, family, or mentor. Memory and nostalgia. Long held dream may become reality. Old friendship or love rekindled. Dream materializes. Learning to live in harmony. Extent modified by surrounding cards.

Reversed - Living in the past. Dwelling on the past.

Numerology - 6 represents the resolution of the unsettled state of 5. It represents new balance, harmony, cooperation.