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"The teachers within your system are those in their last reincarnation......."

The concept of reincarnation offers one of the most attractive explanations of mankind's origin and destiny, and provides each of us with the opportunity to enhance our own spiritual and personal growth.  Essentially, the concept of reincarnation constitutes the cosmic vehicle for recycling life.  Since society is gradually becoming more receptive to these spiritual concepts, alternative ideas such as new age, spirituality and divinity are flourishing - and rightfully so.  However, since there is no real proof of reincarnation, many people look mainly for some sort of physical confirmation that this cycle indeed happens - and rightfully so again!  

For an intriguing example, a man reveals while undergoing hypnotherapy that he had been a World War II soldier in a past life.  He produces a name, a place and a description of when he died.  He also relates that he is suffering from a deep pain in his chest.  Out of curiosity, the therapist looks up old military records from World War II and discovers an entry with the same name the client mentioned - and a brief note indicating that the soldier died from a bullet wound to the chest!  Obviously, this does not constitute proof of reincarnation, but it indeed does seem to indicate that there is something out of the ordinary going on with this individual.

Thousands, even millions of cases similar to this exist, and in modern times there have also been numerous accounts of children who have described their previous lives as adults without hypnosis.  They are able to give descriptions of past relationships and relatives, all of which could be confirmed through historical records.

Most religions believe that there is some sort of migratory journey of the soul after death, though the particulars of exactly how this occurs vary widely.  The Egyptians reasoned that the soul transmigrated from body to body, and as such, they preserved the bodies of their dead so that the body could make the journey along with the soul.  Christians, Hindus, and Buddhists all believe in the migratory process, though they approach it in very different ways. 

An interesting concept related to the afterlife and reincarnation is that we are psychically bound to the people closest to us - and that those closest to us will continue to be closest to us throughout our migratory journey, though they likely will not be in the same life role in each reincarnation, making them unrecognizable to us in our present everyday life.  These entities may include pets, friends, enemies, and any other  individual who has touched our lives - whether for good or bad.  Is it possible that this explains our instant dislike for some, and instant attraction to others?

Having said that,  does this mean we will come back as our own mother, father, boyfriend, girlfriend, child, or whatever?  Maybe, and it is in this vein what we will try on these pages to elaborate on verified cases of reincarnation and evidence for life after death, specifically trying to pinpoint the relationships involved in each life.  Someone has to do this, and it is our goal to do the best possible job.......

This page is a work in progress, so if you have any personal experiences you would like to share, we would be fascinated to hear them.  Do feel free to email either of us, or post to the message board, and Bookmark Now, because we add pages on a very regular basis.

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