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Of all the prophets in history, Nostradamus is undoubtedly the most read, studied, and believed entity ever to emerge in the psychic annals.   Indeed, in the days following the 911 terrorist attack,  the search keyword "Nostradamus" dominated virtually every search engine, with this one search numbering in the hundreds of millions.  Obviously, people wanted to know if this tragedy had indeed been predicted by Nostradamus.  Few other search keywords have ever come close to approaching this status in the history of the internet.

Born in the early 16th century, Nostradamus lived in a time in which prophesizing was punishable in harsh terms, so he therefore embedded his prophecies in what are called "quatrains" which are basically 4-line poems.  These were written primarily in French, but he also used Italian, Greek, and Latin - and if that's not complicated enough, he would often transpose or replace letters in proper names.   As a result, most of the writings of Nostradamus lend themselves to many interpretations, some of which seem certainly predictive in retrospect, and some not so much.  This style of predicting also fuels much of the skepticism with regard to Nostradamus,  for obvious reasons.

Nostradamus attributed his gift of prophecy to "inspiration and divine revelation, and continual calculations" and goes on to say that "events can be foretold naturally by the heavenly bodies and by the spirit of prophecy."  He also admits to being purposely obscure, saying "I have written more fully in my other prophecies, composed at some length, not in a chronological sequence, in prose, limiting the places and times and exact dates so that future generations will see, while experiencing these inevitable events, how I have listed others in clearer language, so that despite their obscurities these things shall be understood: When the time comes for the removal of ignorance, the matter will be clearer still."

Anyhow, though Nostradamus is a big player in the psychic/prophecy world, all his predictions are open to many interpretations, and as such we will proceed with caution and try to concentrate on the prophecies that seem valid for the purposes of this page.  Related links can be found below (more to come soon).

So did he predict 911?  Below is the closest description to the September 11, 2001 incident in all the true Nostradamus writings.  Anything else you see on the internet, such as the widely circulated hoax describing the "Two Brothers" is hogwash.  So you decide...... 

"When 1999 is seven months o'er
Shall heaven's great King -- albeit a dread host, he --
Restore the King from Angoumois once more,
Ere -- after March -- he'll reign propitiously."


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