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Have you ever noticed a shadow-like figure race across the room - seen only out of the corner of your eye, but gone when you turn your full vision in that direction?   


Chances are you have - and at the time you just disregarded it and went on about your business.  However, stop and think about it for a minute. You will probably realize that you haven't only seen this phenomena once - but many, many times, just like millions of other people.   


A growing number of people no longer believe that this is just a figment of their imagination - and there is indeed a name for this phenomena - Shadow People.   


So what are "Shadow People?"  Are they ghosts, visuals from another dimension, something from the demon realm, or none of the above?   


In this segment we will explore this phenomena and make an attempt to determine if it should simply be classified as paranoia or fatigue, or if there really are mysterious creatures lurking within the shadows.  Shadow People have been witnessed in many different shapes and sizes and are often described as lurking within a shadow.  At times, they are perceived as full people, though their details may seem very different from humans.  Many reports describe them as being thin figures ranging from just a few feet tall to up to 6 or 7 feet in height. In all cases, they appear for only a moment and then quickly disappear.  This type of supernatural event is quickly becoming one of the most commonly reported apparitions, though no one is sure exactly what it is that they are seeing.   


One theory is that the Shadow People are actually spirits whose energy is denser than what we usually encounter as far as apparitions are concerned.  This suggests that they are essentially the same as a spiritual orb or vortex - just more dense than most. Photographic evidence indicates that orbs and vortexes with enough density can and do cast shadows, and though we apparently cannot see a Shadow Person itself with the naked eye, it is a dense enough entity that we can also see the shadow it casts.  


As an example of how common this paranormal activity is, a recent caller to the Art Bell late night radio show (a show that deals exclusively with the paranormal), brought up Shadow People.   As a result of that one call, Mr. Bell received at least 4,500 emails from people who have experienced paranormal activity of this type.  Surprisingly, all the pictures submitted were eerily similar, which suggests that these appearances are indeed real and have enough commonalities to warrant further study.   


So now we circle back to the original question - what exactly are Shadow People?  We hope to have these answers for you in the near future, but until we can find a plausible explanation,  please feel free to e-mail us any photos, drawings or stories you would like to share so that together we can solve this fascinating mystery!  Remember, these pages are a work in progress, so do Bookmark and return often!  


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