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Below are pictures that contain the unexplainable and just plain bizarre.  If you have a picture you would like to submit, please contact me by email.   Do understand, however, that I only post what I consider to be the best photos, and that I get a lot of submissions.  If I like yours, rest assured, you will hear from me, though it might take a few days.  Submissions that get accepted generally contain something easily recognizable like a face or a figure.   I generally won't post orb pictures anymore unless they have some unusual feature because I have already received hundreds of them.  If you shoot an orb with the face of Jesus, the devil, or a smiley face in it let me know and I'll consider it. Unfortunately, I can't  respond to everyone, so please don't be offended if you don't hear from me after submitting.  I'm doing my best to keep up!

From Alyson - I was on Instagram, and my friend Kaitlyn (the girl in the picture) posted this picture of herself. 
Well, I asked what was on the left of her and she didn't even realize that something was there. 
It's clearly a face. I tried to tell people what it was, but no one believed me.


From Marlene - This photo was taken on New Years Eve a couple of years ago. No one recognizes the "person?" on the stairs behind them. .I wasn't there but my brother was. He too has no idea who this is. As you can see the figure is transparent . We would like to get your opinion.  Is  this is a spirit or a camera malfunction?  I will add that this was a new digital camera. The home where this took place is near  Gaines, MI. In southern Genesee County.

From Crystal - I have the strangest picture that I took today by accident. I noticed there was a evil, scary image on the left mirror and the side of the other right mirror is something similar and appears evil and ghostly. But I notice that there was a lady behind the ghostly skeleton image and she is wearing a veil.

From Tami - My daughter was videotaping her pup I'm the pool. The image in the upper left hand corner  is defined. 

From Sierra - she didn't provide a description, but this one is self explanatory.

From Ben - The above picture was taken on Saturday August 20, 2011 at the Madison GA Cultural center. It was built in 1895 and served as a gymnasium for a school. No one from the wedding can recognize her as a guest at the wedding or reception. Possibly just a camera malfunction, but creepy nonetheless.


From Kate:  The above photo was taken by a friend of mine who was taking photos of damage caused when a room in her house had caught fire, for insurance purposes.  The area she was taking a photo of was the inside of the closet in this fire damaged room. It was taken with a digital camera and has not been inverted to a "negative" as it would appear, nor has it been enhanced in any way. The image taken by the camera is just as you see it in the photo attached. I don't find the central figure to be particularly out of the ordinary form for a human spirit. However, that strange little creature in the lower left corner of the photo is cause for the "willies". It looks like a dark spirit version one of Snow Whites 7 dwarfs, though!.

The above picture is from Elisha, who says "I took this picture after I got out of the shower. Its real and its creepy."  She's right - it's creepy!


The creepy photo above was submitted by Phillip, who says "This was taken on my deer camera at 1:00 am on Tuesday morning 12-14-10.  I still canít believe it can you explain?"

The above awesome picture is from Dawn, and she says "Just showed up one night on my husbands phone. Donít know who this is. It was In his picture Gallery and was taken at 3:08am. Everyone was asleep. It was set on Black and white because I had been taking pics in black and white earlier that day. How can I find out if it is authentic? It looks like three different faces, all on top of each other. FREAKY!"


The picture above is from Ken and Shellie - Ken says "My girl and I were walking around a cemetery in Concord New Hamphire and doing a little ghost hunting when this picture was taken."  Spooky!

Check this one out above, it's from Jewell  and she relates:  "Back on August 26 2009 I went to the zoo with my sister for her birthday, and went to take a picture of the small rat like creature {Can't remember its name} with my digital camera. If you look to the bottom left corner of the picture you can see a very clear image of a young child's face on the glass. There was no one near me when I took this picture and the child didn't show up till after I got home and Uploaded it.  I was amazed at the clear detail of it,  I showed it to my parents and they were amazed at it as well. My Camera did not use a flash."


Supernatural or just cool?  Here's an awesome picture sent by  Ian, and he says "This is a picture I took while camping in the eastern Oregon desert.  Late at night, I took a picture of the fire and what I got looks like a fire demon."  Damn sure does, Ian!

The interesting picture above is from Sharon who says " I have attached a picture that my mom took of me the day of my prom.  A little information about this picture, out of all the pictures that my mom took, this is the only one that came out like this.  If you zoom in you can see what looks like white fog around my face area and then it goes down to the brown thing.  Also if you look closely that brown figure or thing has its own little shadow. I don't know what it is, and I am hoping that you can help me.

The above picture is from Deloris, who says - Hi, Here is a picture of my son fishing. My daughter-in-law took this picture, it appears to be a lady ghost over the water. This picture was taken on Sunday 07-26-2009.


The first picture above, sent by Jeff, is the coolest submission I have had in a while.  Look at the detail in this thing!  The second one is also from Jeff, and here's what he says about it: "That one is actually the first time something like this happened to me - and it is still disturbing to look at. I took it of my house lights in Christmas of 2003.  Whatever was in front of me was so close that the flash actually reflected back on me and the camera - lit up the whole area as if had just taken a photo into a mirror. The minute I took it I was scared because I sensed that something out of the ordinary had just happened - after my initial glimpse into the preview screen on the camera, I was afraid to upload it for a couple weeks. You can make your own analysis, but it looks like a hand (though transparent?) reaching for the camera with a less discernable (evil?) face on the right. As with any camera, the objects closest to the flash are the brightest, and the flash element on my camera is on the left side-- closest to the "hand."  ...still creeps me out!"  If anyone has any idea about what is manifesting here, e-mail me and I will pass it along. 

The one above is from Tina, and here's what she says - This picture was taken a few weeks ago at night.  I was just trying to get a picture of the dog and cat sleeping beside each other so I had proof to show my husband (as they HATE each other, and I knew he wouldn't believe me).  We have always thought there may be a spirit or something as now and then we have lights go on and off and sounds, but if you look in the top left corner in the window, there is an image, that my husband believes proves it.

My boyfriend and I were at Gaudi's Cathedral (Sagrada Familia) in Barcelona this past weekend (Saturday 09th August) and after we took the lift up to the top, we made our way down the winding stairs.  Shortly before reaching the bottom, I took this photo but the figure (of what looks like a monk) in the background was not in the picture when I took it.  There was no-one there and it was a cornered off area so people were not able to walk around there, hence why I took the photo through the bars.

This image was taken by myself on the next to last photo of an old Polaroid One Step camera in 1986.  I was stepping out from my grandpa's house and wanted a shot of it.  I did not look at the photos until I had gone home, just putting them in the pocket of my jacket after snapping them.  I think it is the white lady that haunted the house for years.

Above is a picture from Kathy, and she says "taken at the Whaley house in San Diego Ca. A clear profile image of a man in the doorway of an upstairs room....freaked me out!

Here's one from Justin, who relates "Hi , my name is Justin and attached is a picture of my grandparents house taken by a real estate agent for selling purposes . both my great grandmother and great grandfather deceased in the house and my grandfather passed away in hospital recently . After looking at the result on which the real estate done on the sales pitch for house which was displayed on the internet , out of the 5 or so photos taken , this one caught my eye . firstly because of the 2 very visible orbs which initially caught my attention , then upon closer inspection , noticed a very clear outline / figure of a face in the mirror . there is nothing behind the photographer that light or anything could have reflected off and the defined lines of the face seem a little too bizzare . After looking at photos of my great grandmother taken when she was around 15 - 20 years of age circa 1920 - 25 . it is an uncanny similarity in appearance to the shadow on the mirror . anyway , I though I would submit this picture because i beleive my grandmother can be seen in the mirror 8 years after she passed."

The amazing pic above was sent by Samantha in England and whether or not it is a ghost, we agree that it is just awesome.  She says "I was looking for somewhere to put this picture because it is so cool!! I went travelling 3 years ago and was a bit camera happy most of the time! These pictures are both taken in Fiji while I was sitting on the beach a night with a friend. I was smoking a cigarette and taking pictures of the scenery when this one came out!!! Is it me or is that not a bird!! awesome hey! don't know if its a ghost or just a fluke but its definitely a massive coincidence that it looks like an x ray of a bird!! It was taken on my Kodak Easyshare camera which was 5 mega pixels!!

Above is an interesting one one from Tammy, and she says "I took these picture this morning of a store that is going to be tore down today.  Of course there is no electric on. and also there is a machine beside this store that goes back to the early 1900's that also is going to be torn down. My camera is a Canon power shot A560.  The time was around 5:45am and Temp was 30 and no wind.

Here's a picture I really like - it's from James from Greeley, CO, and he relates "on a recent road trip in Pennsylvania there was this cool abandoned and run down house just along the road in the middle of nowhere, so I took a few photos with my $90 Kodak 5.0 MP camera. Anyway, if you ZOOM way in and look on the front porch there are two wooden chairs. Now look at the right chair, if you study the image there seems to be a figure of an older man there... I can see his eyes, coat (civil war type jacket) and  the eyes are very noticeable. I might just be overly excited that I might have captured a spirit but I would really appreciate some professional feedback."  Editor's note - The chairs are in the left picture window on the bottom and I have blown up that area below for better visualization.

This two above are from Frank, who visited Eastern State Penitentiary, supposedly a very haunted place.   Here's what he says "This is really weird, these two pictures were taken back to back in less than a minute, and they were taken in a cell located in the Eastern State Penitentiary. When the second picture was taken the room had just got very cold. I didnít notice this until after we had left but there seems to be a ghostly vapor like cloud in the picture???? If you look at my chest area in the second photo, you can see an orb type object. I have also attached a history bio of the prison below. Just an FYI, I am aware that the shadow to my right is not a ghost, it is in fact MY shadow. I am referring to the cloud type interference in the picture. I promise you this was not visible in the cell at the time I was standing there."

Above is one from Adelina, and here's what she has to say - "Here is a pic  which no one in my family remembers taking, but showed up in my camera. It's in the backyard of a family friend's house.  The only thing that is actually in the yard is the chair. There is nothing else in that part of the yard."

Above is an interesting thing sent in by Mike, and here's what he says about it. "This is a pic from the a cemetery in Waterbury, CT.  for some odd reason the historical site sign appears twice and I don't know how to explain it. on top of that there's all kinds of light patterns/trails."

I was just messing around earlier this evening when I snapped this pic of my mirror. I was taking random pictures around the house with my new camera phone. It is a new toy and I was playing with it. You can very clearly see the face of a girl peeking out from the side of the mirror. I was sitting on my bed when I took this picture. I couldn't see any part of my self reflected in the mirror. Besides that, If this was my reflection, why is it so white? It's almost like a fuzzy movie or something. My phone does not have a flash on it. Also, the girl in the picture is small and thin, I am very tall and very overweight. I have always believed in ghosts. I see and feel them all the time, but I have never caught firm evidence until now. Above, in order, a pic of what my mirror usually looks like, and the original, unmodified version of the ghost pic. This is obviously not a dust orb, LOL. I could go on and on about the detail of this pic. I wish it was more clear. I kind of get the feeling she's smiling at me, but it doesn't seem to be a friendly smile. I'm sleeping with the light on tonight.

The above photo is from mcj in Tennessee who says "This picture was taken at the Stones River BattleField In Murfreesboro TN - I live on the battlefield and took this Oct Of 2005"


Above is a bizarre one from Chris and Jean in Manchester, England and here's what they say - "I have just been browsing the internet to try and find somewhere I could post some pictures that were taken on Saturday 02 Sep 2006. Please let me explain, my wife and I got a Chinese take away on Saturday afternoon to have later in the evening. We put part of the meal onto an oven tray that has been covered in tin foil. Once we had finished the meal I took off the foil to wash the dish and found the following image on the dish. We have not got any idea who the image is, or how and why it appeared on our dish. Please let us know if anybody has any ideas."

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