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Over time, we at Mystical Blaze have gotten hundreds of submissions of paranormal occurrences by readers of this website.  They are all fascinating, and as such, we have decided to devote a page to them.  If you have a great true ghost story, we'd love to hear it - just email Blaze using the link below.  If you have submitted in the past and we have not responded, please submit again, as we get spammed with thousands of bogus emails a week, and despite trying to be careful, we likely overlooked it.  My apologies to those who have not gotten responses.  We look forward to hearing from YOU!

From Tracie 09/27/2009 - Subject:  GRIM REAPER

My name is Tracie, I was just reading some of your explanations and theories after stumbling onto your page, and I came upon the Grim Reaper page. I can't tell you enough about how amazed I was and still I'm sort of in a type of panic/ excitement over it. You see, when I was 9 yrs old I saw it, I was just writing about it 2 days ago after taking my aunt's advice about keeping a journal of all the paranormal episodes I get. This is what I wrote In my Journal :
I grew up in a quiet town called Chadwicks, living with my grandparents along with my 2 younger sisters, 2 uncles and my Great Grandma K. For the most part I was a normal 9 yr old, I loved horses, the outdoors and day dreaming. My world was perfect and thought nothing would ever change, but I soon found out, with life, everything changes.

My first paranormal experience was when I was only 9 yrs old. I remember Douglas (my younger cousin) and I playing out back at his house on Elm St. in Chadwicks, it was getting dark so we decided to go in, as we stood up and headed for the driveway I saw a dark shadowy figure of what I thought was a man, but with no distinct features of a face, or any other body parts; just a black shadowy cloak, like what you see in movies on a grim reaper, it had it's hands inside the other hand's sleeve in front of his chest.  I remember an overwhelming sense of fear that came over me and wanting to get away from him. When I turned to run the shadow man was standing right in front of me just barely inches away. (At the time, because I was so young, I thought it had to be at least 7 ft tall, but because of my size I'm not too sure exactly how big he was, I do know that in order to look at where his face was I had to tilt my head almost completely back in order to see). I froze In my tracks; horrified that in just a blink of an eye it could be right in front of me like that. I looked up at where his face would be, but again, there was nothing but a deep, empty hole of the darkest of all dark, it was so black you could feel yourself almost fall into it, like being hypnotized and  trying to find something, something you could see through it, but just couldn't.  As I stand there, inches away, it began to whisper, it sounded like an echo that's been carried by the wind from a great distance, but at the same time, it sounded close, very hard to explain. It just kept whispering over and over "SOMEONE'S GOING TO DIE". By the third or fourth time it said this I some how found the courage to run past him, I remember I was so completely terrified that I didn't look back, not even to see what Douglas was doing or where he was. I ran straight home and soon found the courage to confide in my grandfather about it, with how close we were and still are I thought he would understand and explained it all away so I would no longer have to be afraid, but he had no answer, no comforting explanation for me to grasp onto. Soon after I told my mother, she said my grandmother had a similar experience long ago, and shortly after that her first husband died.

A few days after seeing the shadow man my great grandma K. passed away. I dreamt of her the night she went to God, she was beautiful and she told me that where she is now is beautiful. She said she couldn't wait for me to see it. She said going to the light took all her pain away. As we talked I noticed she was sitting in an old wooden rocking chair, she had a cigarette in her hand, and she had on her favorite green button up sweater. At nine years old I didn't know she was in such a great deal of pain, it wasn't until only a few years ago that I learned she had cancer, and I never knew she had a rocking chair, in fact only a very few people knew about the chair because for years it sat up in the attic and no body ever really went up their for anything.

I hope this wasn't too long, like I said I wrote it 2 days ago, and when I read your page I couldn't believe how similar my story is to what you wrote; what it looked like, how tall it was, that it spoke, just everything, It brought back the memories like a title wave. The following year I had seen it again and I wrote that one down in my journal as well, it was more animated this time and laughed at me, what it was doing makes me know that it new who was going to die next and exactly how as well, but because this e-mail is so long already and I'm not sure if you will even get this I will save it for later if you are interested in hearing it.

From George 06/09/09 - Subject:  AFTERLIFE

In response to your page about the afterlife I would like to share my experience with you on this subject.  The first experience  I had is when my mother had died.  I was 17 at the time . My wife (then girlfriend) and I  were sitting in the viewing room at the funeral home. No one else was there at the time.  All of a sudden my mother sat up, turned her head, and smiled at us.  Then shortly after, she laid back down .We looked at each other and at the same time said "did you see that?"  At first I thought it was her body that had risen but when she laid back down I could see it was her spirit.  The two came together and it was like seeing through a  35 mm camera when one would focus on an image. My wife (then girlfriend) had only met my mother once before, as she was at the time not allowed to see me due to me not belonging to their faith (she was Jewish and I not). So  mass hysteria simply does not fit in this case. My mother and I were very close and I was not there at the hospital the day she passed on.  To me it was her way of saying good bye. I told my father what had happened  and he said that she had appeared to him as well, and told him that she was all right and not to worry.  

On one other occasion  the idea of dream contact came.  This was  something I  had no idea could happen until it did.  I had a dream that my brother had died.  He committed suicide in the dream he said he was sorry and that he was all right and I should not worry.  I then got a call from his neighbor telling me he had died and how.  This was on the same day I had the dream. Not sure why things like this have happened to me over the years, too many to mention, but as far as I am concerned we are all connected to other planes of existence. 

From Anonymous - 09/07/07 - Subject POSSIBLE GHOSTLY APPARITION

I grew up in the 1950's in a small coal mining town in the Anthrecite Coal  region of Pennsylvania.  My town was small and not a very exciting place to 'call home.'  My eerie experience took place in early fall.

The town was small and youngsters would take turns 'hanging out' on friend's porches and just horsing around.  When night came there wasn't much to do....  Most of the lighting came from street lamps at the beginnings and ends of streets.
One of my friends lived on the street located at the base of the mountain.  Several of us kids gathered there to just 'hang out'.  My friend's family had a dog.  He was a Heinz 57 Variety type and very friendly.  He had a greeting for everyone who came to the house or just passed by on the sidewalk.
We kids were sitting about the porch one evening and we noticed a stranger walking down the sidewalk.  We paid no attention.  The individual was dressed in dark clothes and didn't seem to be looking about, 'he' was just walking along.  'He' passed our porch and the dog didn't do a thing.  Well, the dog actually laid a flat as he could on the porch and whimpered.  Again, we kids paid no attention but we did look down the street after the stranger passed and we saw no one.  This was a one time experience.  The dog was his usual self after the incidence and I don't remember any of us thinking that we may have experienced any thing paranormal.


From Chelle - 02/01/06 - Subject RED MIST

I had always been a dreamer and recall vividly many of my dreams when I was 3-yrs-old.  If dreams disturbed me, I'd call to wake up Mama and feel a presence keep me company until she got there.  For me, the presence came in the form of a manly-leaf outside my window.  I took the leaf to be happy until one evening, when I woke from a dream of my parents death.
I cried out to Mama who did not come.  I thought she was mad at me.  I felt a familiar presence and looked behind me at my window.  My leaf had become menacing with such a sinister expression almost one of chiding.  I stuck my tongue out at it and remember screaming to it, " I don't like you!  You are not my friend.  Go away.  Don't ever visit me again!"  Mama never came that night and the leaf never visited me again.
A few nights later, Mom and Dad were playing Mahjong with Ray and Fong Fu.  Mom told them the story from her perspective.  She heard me screaming and talking to someone.  She woke and felt a very strong force covering her.  She tried to clear her eyes because all she could see was the light from the hallway moving and covering her bed.  That light was a red mist. She said that as she tried to wake my father, the red mist sucked her breath away and she was sure she was dying.  (Nearly 14 years later, both my parents died, six months apart one on April 23rd of 75, the other on October 23rd of 75.)  Ray and Fong Fu explained that the Chinese call what she experienced, "The Kiss of Death".  They say she was visited by the spirit of death.  This made them all sad as I recall.
I write this to you folks because one of my friends and massage clients has told me that he was visited by a red mist last week in his living room.  It wasn't going after him as it had my mother and father, nearly burying them where they had been sleeping.  Instead, it patiently seemed to be observing him, began to change into something with more human-like qualities, then fled through the ceiling across the room.  This coming Sunday, I'll be doing a massage to work out some hotspots in his upper body.  I'm having sympathetic pains already, possibly heart or pulmonary related.  Any advice how I should meditate to, find out the message of this appearance so that I can better treat my client?
I've perused everything on the www that had red mist related apparitions and found no reference to the Chinese Ghost of Death.

From Gerard - 01/13/06 - Subject GHOST

Hey I found your site in the search for what Ghosts exactly are.
Let me tell you what I saw, I live with my mom in an house that was built in the 40's, in Hasbrouck Heights NJ. The house belonged to an old woman Mrs. Prudon and her husband was already dead when my family bought the house. My father had a heart attack and died 11 years later  in a hospital in 1995.

A year or two ago I was downstairs (always creeped me out) and I was washing my face, I had a sudden urge to turn around an look in the hallway that just begins at the stairs. As I looked I saw a old man in his 60's-70's walk and then stop and turned his head in my direction,  slowly and in a neutral emotional state. It didn't look mad, nor happy just neutral. As I looked at him I blinked as hard as I could and smacked my face to be sure I wasn't dreaming. I however felt like I was in another state but was fully conscious and even jumping and saying WTF many times. This old man stayed where it was for about 12 seconds until my friend who had walked downstairs walked right where it was standing and stopped in its place. (Now that made me jump, not so much
the old ghost man, lol) I didn't hear the creaking of the staircase when someone walks down normally this time, and my friend did not even see the old man even though he was descending the stairs right in front of him. Very odd.

The old man ghost looked as if he was a 100%  human being standing their. No transparence, full color, white hair, wearing a suit, he kinda had a beard like Sean Connery today. Think he wore a bow tie, and his suit was either black or dark navy blue. Only light in the basement at the time was from a single 60-100W bulb and the man was right under it.

3 weeks ago my girlfriend woke up in the middle of the night and was poking me to wake up, he had seen a shadowy man pacing top to bottom of the side of my bed, starring at me. It was gone when I had finally woken up. She could only distinguish it was male.

3-4 days ago, I had trouble sleeping, but heard my mom wake up in fear saying, not right..this is not right and she flicked on her light. I ran to her room and she told me she saw an old man staring at her, neutral look doing no harm. She was kinda tired looking when I saw her but she slept that night with her light on. In the morning she said she could have dreamt it but she remembers clearly opening her eyes. She had seen an old man with a white beard.

Now this house was newly built for the Prudons maybe in the 30's-40's, Mr. Prudon had a huge workshop in the basement with he owned a specialty shop on our towns main street. A lot of his clock parts and specialty item parts are still in our basement. I have never seen a picture of Mr. Prudon, nor can say its him. Perhaps I saw something from the 1800's maybe as old as 1776. We had a George Washington escape route run through our town which was about 2 blocks from my house, but this old man was in a suit not any military gear.

Let me know what you think.


From Laurie - 01/11/06 - Subject DIMENSIONAL PORTAL

I believe I live in the vicinity of a portal/vortex.

I live in Colchester (oldest recorded town, roman) Apparently the site I live on was a roman burial ground? And also a monastery!!!. I moved to my property in Jan 2003 and by June 2004, I started taking a real interest in psychic studies. My sensitivity increased and I became perceptive of spirits and spirit  feelings. I believe I am also on a ley line which runs for several miles through my area parallel to an old roman dyke. The specific area is in an old converted 1800 house. (my neighbours). They have had mediums and ghost hunters evaluate their house as there was apparently poltergeist and spirit activity.  I have taken pictures of the area and it does appear that there are orbs about. I also believe there is an old well beneath the car park. There are different spots in the house where it is consistently cold and the feeling is not normal. Whether geopathic stress is present , I am unaware, but the trees surrounding the area are very old and quite massive. My neighbours get a little too over excited about these things. Their 13 year old daughter moved out about 9 months ago and things quietened down (probably significant with poltergeist activity). It would be interesting to look into and investigate my domain and area. I donít know if you will find this interesting or not, just for your information. Sorry about the spelling, at work!!!!!. Cheers, Laurie.

From Caroline 01/03/06 - Subject:  HAUNTED FLAT

In 1950 (approx.) when I was seven, my Mother went away for a few days to look after her mother. On the evening of her return, I was in bed awaiting her arrival. My bedroom was at the back of the mews flat in which we lived, in Paddington. I was wide awake, listening for her key in the door, and looking at the wide, vertical patch on light on my bedroom wall opposite the slightly open bedroom door, the light coming from the ceiling lamp hung over the stairs. It was dark in the room, being winter, and the only 'window' was a skylight through which no light filtered whatsoever. Only my father was at home, sitting reading in the lounge, with my dog lying next to him before the fire.
Suddenly, a shadow appeared on the patch of light. A very long, spindly hand very slowly came into view, followed by another, held at 'waist' level as though whatever it was, was creeping. The next moment, the shadow showed a head in profile, having a long, hooked nose, an upward-turned pointed chin and a tall, tapering, pointed cap. I could see long, thin, spindly legs walking with an exaggerated creeping motion, on tip-toe, and taking care to move as stealthily as possible. The knees came up high, the figure was partially bent - hunched over - and the hands, before disappearing out of view as the being crossed the lighted patch, described a sort of circular motion as though trying to be as silent as possible before reaching its goal. The encounter took place in absolute silence, and there was neither smell nor perceptible heat change.
I am unsure how long this experience took, but I should say 10 - 15 seconds. I remember freezing with terror, and I felt (or thought I felt) my heart stop beating for a moment or two.
When the creature has gone, I was soon able to scream to my father. He was sitting reading the newspaper, and I could hear the rustle as my cry startled him. he came to my door, and I told him I had seen a little man. he had a look round, and said neither he, nor Junior, my fox terrier, had moved for the past half hour. I was a physically and mentally healthy child, and not subject to night terrors, sleep paralysis or nightmares.
The family finally left the flat when my parents retired in 1975. Often when a student at St Mary's Hospital Med School, Paddington, I would remain in the flat to study over weekends while my parents went to what would be their eventual childhood home. I wasn't in the least scared of being alone as such, but was so petrified of being along in that particular flat that, on Friday evenings after my parents had left, and I returned having seen my boyfriend off at Victoria station, that it would require all my courage to go in. I checked all bolts thoroughly, left lights on throughout, and even turned the taps on, and the radio, to blot out any potential sounds that might occur, or keep feared spirits away. Throughout my time in the flat, I often heard a tapping on my bedroom door, exactly like someone tapping lightly with long finger nails. No one else saw or heard such things, although my Mother, who 'didn't believe in ghosts', once saw her father who had died some 25 years before (but had never been in life, to the flat). he called her 'Bert, Bert' - no one ever called her that, or indeed by her real name of Bertha. She was washing some clothes at the time, and thought my father who had just left the flat, had come back and was playing a joke on her.
She wiped her hands and walked from the bathroom hand basin into her and father's bedroom, and there was her Father, in his usual work clothes, normal coloration etc - he smiled, stayed a few seconds and left. Once when I was still quite small, I found y bedclothes pulled back from where they were tucked in, and folded over the wooden end of the bed, where they were partly tucked underneath the foot end.
I hope this account is of interest to you. my experiences started me on a lifelong search for further experiences of the paranormal. I continue to look for them to this day.


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