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Spiritual voices on tape have been documented since the very beginning of electronic media. What are they, and how does one go about recording them?

Electric Voice Phenomena, or EVP is a phenomena in which voices are unintentionally recorded on tapes, and are usually found accidentally.

A case in point involves Fredrich Jurgension, a native of Sweden and an avid birdwatcher, who in 1959 was recording bird songs on a recorder.  While listening to the recordings later, he heard odd bits and pieces of people talking.  He was sure that he had been alone during the recording, but over the next four years, he experimented with the recordings and documented an amazing number of unexplainable voices.  As time progressed, so did the voices on tape, and eventually this resulted in a conversation of sorts.

The voices responded to things Jurgenson would say, and would call his name at times.  Eventually he had conversations with these spirits by asking them questions, then playing the recording afterward to discover the answers.  Convinced magnetic tape recordings were indeed an effective tool for communicating with the dead, he published his findings in 1963. Though this process is not yet fully understood, the voices of the entities are somehow embedded on the tape and can be heard when the tape is played back - and only then.  Any type of tape recorder is suitable for EVP recordings but we suggest you use only new tapes to prevent hearing any previously recorded sounds.

Researchers have also suggested taping white noise and recording it to produce EVP. When listening to the product be sure to pay close attention to what you are hearing.  Many voices are hard to discern from the background static produced on the tape while others can be blatantly obvious. 

More on this interesting subject later, but see Capturing Successful Photos and EVP Recordings for more information now.


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