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So you're off to the big ghost hunt, right?  You have everything packed, and all  your gear is in order......Or is it?  Because we've been there and done that, we have compiled a Ghost Hunting Tip Sheet so that you won't miss out on the picture or spirit recording that will rock the world!  Do take a moment to scan through the list before you go - there may be something you have forgotten.....


ALWAYS carry identification (drivers license etc.) in case you are stopped by authorities - so that you can prove who you are.

ALWAYS visit the site you plan on investigating in the daylight first to familiarize yourself with any obstacles or dangerous spots you may not notice in the dark.

NEVER TRESPASS!  If a No Trespassing sign is posted ANYWHERE do not enter that area.  This is a violation of the law and the law will not hesitate to send you to jail, slap you with a hefty fine or both!  It is possible to get permission from the owners if you are truly interested in a particular site.  To find the owner of a location, you can check with the local Tax Assessors' Office.  

LEAVE IMMEDIATELY if you are asked to leave a location.  This is a non-negotiable situation that you will not win, and you may damage the integrity of not only your own ghost hunt, but also other ghost hunting investigations.

NEVER GO ALONE!  Common sense says you should never investigate a site by yourself.  If something happened to you who would get help? Besides, you want a second person as a witness to verify your findings. On the same note, avoid all areas that are potentially dangerous, including condemned areas and parts of town with reputations for violence.  The point is to investigate ghosts - not become one yourself!

CARRY THE ESSENTIALS!  This will include warm clothing, a flashlight and backup flashlight with extra batteries, a tape recorder and supply of tapes, any type of camera (we prefer digital), a logbook, a compass to detect magnetic fields and a tote bag to keep all of your equipment together ready to go at the spur of the moment.  As a side-note for non-digital camera users - use the highest speed film you can find for best results - 400 speed is the usual recommendation.  For Digital Cameras, use the highest resolution that your particular camera is capable of.   

ASSIGN SOMEONE in your group to be the "secretary" to record all details of your ghost hunting event.  Details to record include who is participating, changes in temperature, weather, location, and date and time of any happenings that may take place -  including who witnessed them.  Be sure to walk through the site beforehand to record the thoughts and the feelings that the participants may be getting from that particular site.     

LEARN THE HISTORY!  Before heading out, do a little research on the history of the site you are about to investigate.  Knowledge is power, and if you familiarize yourself with the people and events that took place there, it can be helpful in your investigation.  You can check newspapers, the Internet or contact the local Historical Society to find information about most areas.  

INTERVIEW!  While visiting the site, should you happen to come across someone with a ghost story of their own, interview them and be sure to log all information!

PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR FEELINGS!  Concentrating too much on your equipment can prevent you from picking up energy from a spirit, and may prevent the spirit from contacting you.  Use your senses. This is one of the most effective tools you can use to communicate with spirit entities.  Be sure to keep an open mind and try to avoid any preoccupied thoughts or negative feelings that may interfere with your perception and drive spirits away.  Lastly, never take drugs or drink alcohol before an investigation - this will cloud your perception and ability, and can damage your credibility.

DO NOT WEAR PERFUME OR COLOGNE!  Spirits are known to use certain scents and smells to get our attention so any noticeable scent you or a team member may be wearing could easily be mistaken for a supernatural occurrence.


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