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Astrological Personality Profile - Leo
July 23 - August 22


Leo is a Fixed Fire sign ruled by the Sun.   As the fifth sign in the zodiac, the Leo individual is ambitious, confident, independent, loyal and generous.  These are magnetic and influential people who are especially in their element when they have an appreciative audience.   Famous Leos include Mick Jagger (July 26), Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (July 28) Martha Stewart (August 3), and Bill Clinton (August 19).  Leo is thought of as a "royal" sign due to their symbol, the lion or king of the jungle, and is smart and refined, though this very feature of their personality may subject them to become somewhat vain and overbearing. 

As Leo is ruled by the Sun, the Leo personality at its best is that of a bright, shining light that easily holds all its subjects within a safe, secure orbit around itself.  These are warm, caring, giving people who will make it their mission to make the lives of those around them very comfortable as long as they feel appreciation for their efforts.  However, without enough appreciation, Leo can  become domineering, bossy, and stubborn, believing they are right and everyone else is wrong.  Leos are also extremely sensitive to criticism and will rarely forgive a perceived slight.  The Leo personality is  intelligent and motivated, often seeking out situations that put them in the spotlight, where they can be very effective.  Again, however, if the ego is left unchecked, some Leos may become quite arrogant, doing things that are not acceptable "because they can." 

For those with a Leo child, you have a kid with a warm, happy disposition who often displays confidence beyond his years.  The desire to be in the spotlight will surface early in your little Leo, so give him plenty of opportunities to shine in various situations, where he feels he is in his element.  Despite their outwardly proud, confident personalities, Leo children very much appreciate safe, stable routine in their lives, so make it a point to try to keep everything on a predictable schedule in the household.  Your little Leo will be outgoing and gregarious with other children, but could easily become bossy and overbearing, trying to control everything and everyone around him.  Keeping this in check with gentle guidance will serve your little Leo well for years to come, as the urge to try to  dominate will be with him for a lifetime. Be careful how you criticize your little Leo, however, lest he hold it against you for years to come.  Casual criticism that other kids might shrug off is perceived by the Leo child as a blow to his very core. 

Adult Leos in the workplace might require a little extra  maintenance, but this is generally worth doing,  as they are strong, intelligent, ambitious leaders who will organize and motivate others.  Leos are take-charge people who can make a real difference in the workplace, as long as their tendency to become overbearing is kept in check.  Leos love prestige, and jobs with prestigious titles are very attractive to them.  They make good doctors, lawyers, and teachers, and do well in any type of team leadership position that gives them some decision making leeway.  Again, their proud facade may belie some inward insecurity, so criticism should be done gently and diplomatically.

If you have found a romantic partner in a Leo, you have no doubt already noticed the super-ego qualities inherent in the Leo personality.  If you can provide the right amount of attention and appreciation, your Leo will in return shower you with the same.  Leo is going to want to be the dominant partner in the relationship, so you must be willing to take second seat if you want to make it with this sign.  If you try to gain control, expect explosive arguments and a power struggle that you will probably eventually lose, unless of course you happen to be an Aries or another Leo.

The best matches for Leo are Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius, but Cancer and Virgo might work for certain individuals.  It will likely be tough going with Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius. 

Leo in any relationship is a charismatic leader that will take charge and draw followers.  Leos will be the ones organizing the party and then greeting all the guests.  A Leo will dress to make an impression, and this may be in expensive materials for the more refined, or in tasteless or gaudy materials to draw attention for the less refined.  Your Leo friend has very fixed opinions and will resist attempts to change these opinions, a trait that others may find somewhat off-putting at times.  However, if you give your Leo friend what they need, they will shower you with plenty of friendship, warmth, and loyalty in return.  


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