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Astrological Personality Profile - Capricorn
December 22 - January 19


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Capricorn is a Cardinal earth sign, ruled by Saturn.  As the 10th sign of the zodiac, the Capricorn individual is stable, hard-working, practical, methodical, and ambitious, never losing sight of his goals regardless of how many obstacles are in the way.   Famous and historical characters sharing the Capricorn sign include Elvis Presley (January 8), Edgar Allen Poe (January 19), President Richard M. Nixon (January 9), Martin Luther King (January 15), and Mel Gibson (January 3).

Capricorn on the outside is a cool, calm, reserved individual with powerful inner strength who possesses  the innate ability to rise to the top through unflinching conviction and sheer perseverance.  This is a rather stoic person who more than anything else enjoys power, respect, and authority, and who is willing to toe the line for as long as it takes to achieve his goals.  Inwardly, however, Capricorn may not be the self-confident pillar of strength that he appears to be, and when his power or authority is compromised, he may make flawed decisions that could cause everything he has worked for to go down in flames in a spectacular way - think Richard Nixon or Mel Gibson. Even so, the Capricorn personality is one that is firmly grounded in reality and who will consistently be the voice of reason in a chaotic world.   He understands why the rules are in place and conforms accordingly.  Though he may seem unfriendly, arrogant, or without humor to outsiders, Capricorn is inwardly quite warm and sympathetic, often with a surprisingly quick wit.   Capricorn's general outlook is fairly rigid, and once he forms a view of the world, he will often stubbornly hold on to that view despite compelling evidence to the contrary.  He may also be subject to a degree of pessimism, often seeing the glass as half empty rather than half full.  Socially, Capricorn is inhibited and uncomfortable in new situations, approaching others at first with caution and suspicion.  As far as money is concerned, Capricorn approaches finances as he does everything else - with prudence, planning, and discipline.  As such, there are not many Capricorns on the bottom of the barrel in society. 

For those with a Capricorn child, you have a kid who is quiet, obedient, and intelligent beyond his years, but who will demonstrate rather marked introversion from an early age.  This is a child who is happiest in a close circle of friends and family, a trait he will likely carry throughout his life.  Capricorn kids are determined little souls who will do well in school and will often be "teacher's pet" in the classroom.   With a personality based on discipline and order, Capricorn kids like a quiet space that is all their own with a place for everything and everything in its place.  This is not a kid who you have to entertain every minute of the day, as he will pursue his own interests with little input from you.  In fact, of all the signs of the zodiac, Capricorn is the one who is most helpful around the house, starting at a surprisingly young age.   Remember, however, that your little Capricorn has a tendency to not be as self-confident as other signs, and without positive feedback from you, he may feel unsuccessful and withdraw into himself.  Therefore, as the parent of a Capricorn child, be sure to make it a point to praise your child's efforts at every opportunity, making sure he knows that you value his contributions.  Be aware also that even when young, Capricorns have a tendency to become quite pessimistic, so correcting this by pointing out the sliver lining will go far in helping make your Capricorn a successful part of society in later years. 

Capricorn in the workplace is the one with the well-appointed office full of earthy materials, with warm wooden desk and bookcases and probably some greenery too.  Capricorns are a dream come true for the boss, as they arrive to work punctually and will stay late whenever necessary.  Capricorn  will willingly carry a heavy load of work, and will steadily and methodically tackle every task without complaint.  Capricorn takes his work seriously and has the highest work ethic in the zodiac.  He does not waste any time at work hanging around the water cooler socializing, and may therefore be considered cool and unapproachable by co-workers.  Though he may not be the most popular person in the office, everyone knows they can count on him to hold up his end, however.  If you have a Capricorn boss, he is likely a stern taskmaster who expects you to dress appropriately and hold down your share of work.   However, if he feels you are a valuable part of his team, he will take very good care of you and show loyalty and compassion not seen often in bosses from other zodiac signs.

If you have found a romantic partner in a Capricorn, you have an individual that approaches love just like he approaches anything else - with caution and reserve.  Remember, though, that this goat has a fish tail, and the fish is the symbol of emotions and feelings. Though Capricorn is known for being traditional, stoic, and even stodgy, underneath is a loyal, sensitive, and yes - even witty partner waiting to come to the surface.  A Capricorn partner will expect you to dress and behave in a civilized manner, and the more of an attribute you are to furthering his career, the better.  Capricorn will not be the most spontaneous lover on earth, but once committed, he will provide you with stability, loyalty, and security for life.  Clingy or needy partners won't suit Capricorn, because it is likely that he will hold his career above or on level with his marriage, so a strong, self-confident mate is a must for this sign!

The best matches for Capricorn for sure are not surprisingly, Taurus and Virgo, the other two earth signs.  Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces might also work for some individuals.  It will likely be tough going for Aries, Gemini, and Libra. 

Capricorn in any relationship is a down-to-earth traditionalist who follows the rules.   Once you have been admitted to his inner circle, he will prove a reliable, trustworthy friend who will suffer your shortcomings in silence rather than make a fuss.  Capricorn will not be the one to head to the beach on a whim or go out for a night of reckless partying, but he will gladly grill some steaks and provide the red wine for a civilized evening with a few close friends.  He is a good friend to bounce ideas off of, as he is by nature cautious and reasonable, always weighing the pros and cons of any given situation.  He will probably not be a comedian every day, but he will likely surprise you with very funny comments that seem to come out of the nowhere at the most appropriate moments.  All in all, your Capricorn friend will be there for you when you need him, and at work when you don't!


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