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This page is a discussion of what magick and witchcraft really are, and what the beginner needs to know to begin to understand the concepts and utilize the tools.  

Looking to modern science and technology, the mysterious veil of magick may be lifted somewhat to give intriguing hints into the power that nature has chosen to bestow on us all.  A very possible explanation for at least some magickal phenomena seems to lie in the study of atoms - the very building blocks of existence. 

To put it simply, everything is made up of constantly moving atoms - the chair we sit in, the grass outside,  the air we breathe, and indeed, our own bodies.  As we go through life interacting with people and things, there is bound to be an exchange of atoms, however small, with everything we touch.  An extreme example of this is a murderer who bludgeons his victim with a baseball bat.  He has left a tiny part of himself behind, and a sensitive can often see and feel him, as well as his victim, just by touching that murder weapon.  By the same token, our very thoughts and feelings are also a form of energy streaming out constantly into the universe, and thus, the theory of a universal consciousness into which we can tap for knowledge and power.  

Having said that, there are as many forms of magick as there are people producing spells and rituals, and what works for one individual may not work at all for the next.  Aside from being a physical exchange of atoms and energies, magick is at the core a spiritual undertaking, and as such, an understanding of the different approaches is helpful in determining which facet to pursue as an individual. 

The Spiritual approach is probably the oldest known to mankind, and involves the use of Gods, Goddesses, demons, deceased relatives, etc.  The magician, by using meditation, chanting or rituals, invokes these entities to do his or her bidding.  Many worldwide religions are based on this concept.

The Power of the Mind approach is a concept whereby we all have the intrinsic power to manipulate and change our environment with no outside help.  Proponents of this form of magick spend years or even lifetimes in training in order to tap into the power of the subconscious. 

The Streaming Energy approach involves tapping into universal energies and manipulating these energies to serve a purpose.  The concept of a universal consciousness is important here, as is the concept of the universe being filled with unseen forces that are harnessable.  Chakra and faith healing are practices that fit into  this category.

Obviously, all three of these categories can and do overlap in the real practice of magick, and it is the individual's beliefs that should dictate which core approach to take.  A strong  belief system is the most important aspect of magick, whether the belief pertains to an otherworld filled with spirit entities, the power of the mind, or the universal consciousness.

Having said that, let's touch on the tools of magick and how they are used.  Symbols are very important, as are the intrinsic properties and essences of any object used in a magick ritual or spell.  There are many well-known symbols in magick, such as the pentagram or the astrological symbols, but the use of symbols is very individualistic, and if a certain image or shape has a significance for the magician, it is certainly acceptable practice to use it in spells and rituals.  Objects are important, and include candles, chalices or cups, herbs, stones or crystals, etc., and color is also very important, with each color having a specific meaning to the magician.  Again, this is all very individualistic, but the concept is that each of these things has energy properties that an experienced magician can tap to manipulate the world around him. 

Rituals  and incantations are important in magick, and are the glue that ties it all together.  The point of doing a ritual is to attune the mind to the task at hand, and the objects used in any individual ritual are chosen specifically for that particular task.  Without all these elements, the individual will not have the power to project his intentions out into the world. 

At this point, we think a word of warning is in order for the inexperienced who wish to dabble in magick and witchcraft for fun, entertainment, or revenge.  Learning to manipulate the earth's energies or tap into the subconscious mind is not something that happens easily overnight or something that should be taken lightly.  It takes work, time, a strong belief system, and a lot of practice to become successful and produce results.  If you harbor a lot of anger or are considering witchcraft for greedy, selfish, or destructive purposes, do think twice before devoting any time to the practice of magick.  You probably will not succeed, and if you do, the very forces you used for the destruction will return to you with a destructive force many times the strength of your original intent.

We have already started sorting out the traditional correspondences of herbs in magick, and we have added a page on Crystals in magick, so feel free to explore the links below for basic properties that are fairly well accepted by all.  Certainly, you may find a use not listed, or a listed use might not work for you.  These are only generally accepted uses that have been passed down through tradition to use as a starting point, but practice and experience will give you a more thorough insight into what works for you and what does not.  We are working on pages on symbols, colors, candles, and other objects used in magick rituals, along with their traditional meanings and usages, so please do Bookmark and return often, as we add pages daily.


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