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Pineal Gland - Nervous System

Pituitary Gland - Endocrine System

Thyroid Glands - Endocrine System

Thymus Gland - Endocrine System

Solar Plexus - Nervous System

Ovaries - Endocrine System

Testes - Endocrine System


The core concept of Chakra is that a human being consists of a spiritual body which is separate from the physical body.  This spiritual body is composed of vibrations of light, each representing different energy centers.  Each energy center acts as an opening for life energy to flow in and out, vitalizing the physical body and bringing about development of inner consciousness.  This development is closely related to  our physical, mental,  and emotional interactions.  The energy centers function as pumps or valves, regulating the flow of energy through our physical systems.  We open and close these valves as we think, feel, and perceive, and experience life. 

Simply put, Chakra is an aspect of consciousness, much like the aura.  Chakra are associated with powerful functions of the physical body, and as such are more dense than the aura.  Obviously, neither are as dense as the physical body. 

The theory of Chakra revolves around two major physical body systems - the endocrine system, and the nervous system.  The endocrine system includes the pituitary gland in the head, the thyroid glands in the neck, the thymus gland in the chest, the ovaries in the lower abdomen, and the sexual organs.  The nervous system components consist of  the brain and the solar plexus.

As seen above, in the concept of Chakra, all senses, perceptions, and possible states of awareness can be divided into seven categories.  Each category can then be associated with a particular Chakra.  Not only can each Chakra be associated with particular parts of the physical body, but also particular parts of consciousness.

LOCATION: Bottom of the spine.
COLOR: Red (secondary color is black)
ORGANS: Adrenal glands, genitals, spine and bladder.
FUNCTIONS: Gives vitality to the physical body, provides survival and self-preservation traits. This is also where instinct resides.
METAPHYSICAL QUALITIES: Mastery over the physical body, grounding, individuality, stability, stillness, health, courage and patience.
NEGATIVE QUALITIES: Self-centered, greed, anger, violence, and insecurity.  Over-protective of physical self, spinal tension, constipation.

LOCATION: Lower abdomen to navel area.
COLOR: Orange
ORGANS: Reproductive organs, kidneys, gonads, legs and urogenital system.
FUNCTIONS: Self esteem, enjoyment of life, sexuality, relationships, desire, assimilation of food and digestion.
METAPHYSICAL QUALITIES: Sexual passionate love, desire, pleasure, giving and receiving of emotions, change, movement, health, family, tolerance, surrender and absorption of new ideas.
NEGATIVE QUALITIES: Sexual difficulties, over indulgence in food or sex, confusion, purposelessness, bladder problems, impotence, jealousy, envy and the desire to possess.

LOCATION:  Between the navel and the chest.
COLOR: Yellow
ORGANS: Stomach, gall bladder, liver, pancreas, nervous system, solar plexus and muscles.
FUNCTIONS: Vitalizes metabolism, digestion, emotions and nervous system.
METAPHYSICAL QUALITIES: Immortality, humor, strength, laughter, self-control, energy, will power, warmth and authority.
NEGATIVE QUALITIES: Anger, fear, hate, digestive problems and a negative desire for power.

LOCATION: Center of the chest.
COLOR: Green (secondary color is pink)
ORGANS: Heart, hands, lungs, arms, thymus gland and the circulatory system.
FUNCTIONS: Anchors the life force, energizes the physical body and aids in blood circulation.
METAPHYSICAL QUALITIES: Unconditional love, compassion, understanding, acceptance, peace, openness, forgiveness, contentment, understanding and balance.
NEGATIVE QUALITIES: Emotional instability, heart problems, circulatory problems and repression of love.

LOCATION: Throat area.
COLOR: Sky blue
ELEMENT: Ether/Akasha
ORGANS: Throat, mouth, upper lungs, arms, thyroid and parathyroid.
FUNCTIONS: Communication, speech, sound and vibration.
METAPHYSICAL QUALITIES: True communication, creative expression, knowledge, peace, truth, wisdom, loyalty, honesty, reliability, kindness, gentleness and sense of responsibility.
NEGATIVE QUALITIES: Communication and speech problems, depression, lack of discernment, ignorance, thyroid problems and the tendency to use knowledge unwisely.

BROW CHAKRA (Third eye)
LOCATION: Center of forehead, between the eyebrows.
COLOR: Indigo (Dark blue)
ORGANS: Pituitary gland, left eye, nose, ears and spine.
FUNCTIONS: Vitalizes lower brain (cebrellum) vision and central nervous system.
METAPHYSICAL QUALITIES: Intuition, imagination, insight, clairvoyance, telepathy, concentration, peace of mind, wisdom, devotion, understanding, inspiration, thought control, inner vision, soul realization and spiritual awakening.
NEGATIVE QUALITIES: Lack of concentration, fear, tension, headaches, eye problems, nightmares, cynicism and the tendency to be overly detached from the world.


LOCATION: Top of head (half in head and half protruding)
COLOR: Violet
ELEMENT: Thought and will.
ORGANS: Pineal gland, right eye, central nervous system and the cerebral cortex.
FUNCTIONS: Vitalizes upper brain.
METAPHYSICAL QUALITIES: Inspiration, unity, understanding, idealism, spiritual will, divine wisdom, selfless service, continuity of consciousness and perception beyond time and space.
NEGATIVE QUALITIES: Depression, confusion, alienation, lack of inspiration, senility and hesitation to serve.


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