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A knowledge of sound carries with it great power.....

Abracadabra, Alakazam, Hocus pocus, Open sesame - we are all acquainted with the familiar words used in stage magic that produce rabbits out of hats or open secret doors.  The use of spoken words and song have been closely associated with magick rituals and spells since the beginning of time, and a closer look at why and how words and sounds affect everything around them may give us some insight into why magical words are such an integral part of spells and rituals, even today. 

Hebrew, Sanskrit, Chinese, Egyptian, Tibetan - all these are considered sacred languages.  In recent experiments with sound and its effect on matter, one experimenter found that when sand was placed on a plate and the plate was vibrated at various frequencies, the sand reacted by forming various patterns.  When the vowels of Hebrew and Sanskrit languages were spoken, the sand took the exact shape of actual written vowels used in those languages.  This is very significant in that the ancients must have known secrets about sound and its effect on the environment that we have lost in the present day.  If you have read other pages on this site, you already know that it is suspected that sound was used to lift the heavy blocks to build the pyramids (a feat we cannot duplicate even today), and that sound is also strongly suspected as being the catalyst in crop circle formation.  Another experimenter doing research on water crystal formation noted that even in our own language, when water was subjected to words like Hate, Satan, or Hitler, it failed to form beautiful, symmetric crystals, but rather formed misshapen, unattractive crystals.  When subjected to words like Love, Peace, Harmony, the water then formed beautiful, intricate, and symmetric crystals. 

We begin to see then, how sound affects every cell in every organism on the planet, and how even non-organic matter is affected by the vibrations of sound.  We can therefore conclude that well chosen sound vibrations can and will change our surroundings in a reliable manner if we learn how to harness that power.  Rituals using sound have obviously been around for a long time, even in mainstream society.  Most churches use group songs, instruments, psalms, and prayer to create a transformational effect, and let's not forget the word Amen - a sacred word known to all.  Indeed, we are also quite  familiar with the Ohm of Yoga - also considered a sacred sound that transforms. 

As a side note, one topic that I keep coming upon while doing research for this page is the importance of our particular names and the accepted meanings of such.  We all know that babies given strange names are usually ridiculed by their peers throughout life and may not have as good a chance in the long run because of that name.  Many civilizations take naming their children very seriously, and some ancient civilizations would remove the name of high priests or kings from the vocabulary lest the name fall into the hands of someone who would do him harm.  So do your research before naming you kid something that will bring negative energy to him throughout his life!

But I digress - below are a few well-known sacred words with definitions where appropriate.  When writing magical incantations, chants, or whatever, use words that ring true to you, whether it be calling on Gods or Goddesses for relationships or health, or just calling on the elements for abundance or wisdom, etc.  The point is to attract energies consistent with what you desire. 

Abba - Father, origin, or source
Abracadabra - I will create as I speak
Allah - God in Islam
Amen - So be it or let it be
Christ - Christian Savior
God - Christian supreme being
Hathor - Egyptian Goddess of childbirth
Khamadi - Cosmic mother
Khomani San - Born with vision
Namaste - Pronounced (Nam-a-stay) - I salute the divine in you
Ohm - Divine force of the universe
Pure or Purification
Ra - Egyptian sun God
Yahweh - Hebrew word for God


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