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Developing Telekinetic Skills

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So you want telekinetic powers - that would be radically where do you start?

That's the easy part.  You start with a positive, can-do attitude with no doubts whatsoever that you can achieve this.  A history of successful meditation is a big plus.  You must be willing to work hard and keep trying despite multiple failures.  You must be able to relax and clear your mind of clutter.  You must be able to concentrate on one thing for an extended period of time.  You must think of and affirm your goal during all your daily activities.  You must set aside a minimum of 30-60 minutes per day to concentrate solely on your goal, and be prepared to keep this up for a long time.  Essentially, you need extremely strong willpower, perseverance, concentration, and a desire to succeed.  Eliminate words like discouragement and failure from your vocabulary.  You will know if you are on the right track if you feel a bit drained after these exercises - extreme focusing is hard work!

We have had some feedback that indicates that when learning to focus intently, as in the following exercises, it helps to think about the properties of mundane everyday objects as the dynamic, energetic entities that they really are on a molecular level.  Next time you have a moment free at work, look at that paperweight on your desk - or a paperclip or pencil, or whatever is handy.  Pick it up and feel its weight and contour.  As stated earlier, every object resonates at its own frequency.  Try to imagine what note in the octave your object is resonating at.  Is it a high pitch or a low pitch?  It is a middle C or an F-Sharp?  Try to feel the energy emanating from the object on a molecular level.  Do this daily with any object that strikes your fancy, and you will begin to understand the concept of how your energy melds with everyday objects that surround you.  Once you have trained yourself to feel this at a molecular level, all else will become much less difficult. 

Having said that,  you are now ready for Telekinesis 101!

Influencing a Compass Needle

This is probably the easiest way to enter into focusing the mind for telekinetic purposes.  Get a cheap compass from the dime store - it may be damaged if you are successful (remember, this has to do with electromagnetism), so don't use a valuable compass.

Place the compass on a flat table or surface.  Place one or both hands a couple of inches above the compass face, clear your mind, and concentrate on moving the needle in whatever direction you want it to move.   Keep trying for as long as you can focus with no interference.

Influencing a Candle Flame

Light a candle in a draft-free room.  Clear your mind and defocus your eyes while staring at the base of the flame (not at the flame itself).  Try to become one with the flame and imagine that you can move it as easily as you can move your arm or leg.  Focus on making the flame go left, right, higher, or lower.  Keep trying for as long as you can focus with no interference.

Influencing a Cork in Water

Find a wine or other type of cork and glue a small paper clip to the top of it to add weight (otherwise the cork is too light and will float around on its own).  Place the cork in a bowl of water in a draft-free room, and wait for it to settle into complete stillness.  Place one or both hands a couple of inches above the cork and let the energy flow, trying to make the cork move around in the water.  Keep trying for as long as you can focus with no interference.

Bending a Fork, Spoon, or Key

Hold the fork, spoon, or key comfortably in the palm of your hand.  Clear your mind and focus on the feel of the object.   Close your eyes and with the fingertips of the other hand, gently rub the surface of the object.  Note the contours and feel of the object.  Put yourself into the flow of energy in the object.  Feel the molecules and atoms flowing.  Try to become one with the object, and imagine it twisting or bending.  You may feel some warmth emanating from the object.  Keep trying for as long as you can focus with no interference.


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