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Listen up, folks, because you are reading  the most important page on this website, and this topic ties in with virtually every other topic discussed here on this site.  

Most of us have never even stopped to consider how powerful we are at the core and how true the saying "it's all in your mind" really is.  Most of us are dimly aware that when we focus on specific things, we tend to accomplish more, and we know that when we have a "bad day," the bad things just keep piling up.  But most of us never stop to consider the rather obvious fact that these things are directly related to how we focus our thoughts and energy.  Understanding this basic concept can drastically change your life for the better!

Read any of the more well-known channeled material from "higher density" beings such as Seth and Ra, and you will find passage after passage of "you make your own reality" concepts.  If you want to be rich, you need to focus your energies on being rich.  If you are depressed and want to be happy, you need to focus your energies on being happy.  If you are sick, you need to focus your energies on being well.  The list goes on for every single situation in life.  If you focus your thoughts and energies on what you want, you can't fail to achieve it!  It all comes down to what you feel at your very core, however.  If you consider yourself a winner in the very fibers of your being,  you will be a winner.  If you consider yourself a loser, guess what?  You will be a loser.  Each and every one of us manifests our deepest feelings about ourselves into our present situation.  If you are living in squalor with 6 kids and a welfare check, at your very core, you feel that  you deserve this existence.  If you are Bill Gates and are sitting on billions, you feel at the core that you deserve that existence.  Your core beliefs are manifested in every single aspect of your life, including the tangibles such as your house, car, furniture, etc. 

Ever heard of the power of prayer?  In the most basic terms, prayer is just a state of mind much like meditation that puts you in a frame of mind to attract the desired effect into existence.  As spiritual beings, we all have a connection to the divine and to each other, whether or not you call it God or even believe in the usual concept of God.   Faith is a strong motivator, and people who report "being saved" by religion turn their lives around literally overnight.   For these people, the belief that a benign God has shined his light on them changes their core feelings about themselves, and presto - their lives change for the better.

Look at  your life today.  You are the sum of the thoughts you have manifested all through your life.   Good thoughts attract good, and bad thoughts attract bad.  If you are mad at your boyfriend for breaking up with you and continue to hold that anger, you will attract more bad relationships.  If you shrug it off and expect more out of the next relationship, that's what you will realize.  If you are constantly worried about where the money will come from to pay the bills, you will continue to struggle to pay the bills, but if you convince yourself that the bill money will manifest, it will do exactly that.  You don't have to know where the money is coming from - you just have to BELIEVE that it will manifest.   

So how exactly do you implement all this?  Most of us go through life sending out mixed signals.  We can start out a day with good thoughts and then someone at the office pisses us off, and the rest of the day spirals downward.  Our job is to make it clear what we want and to banish thoughts that get in the way of what we want.   If you send out only the good stuff and you truly believe you can have what you want, everyone and everything will suddenly fall into place to give you that thing you want the most.  Say you have a difficult boss who is always giving you a hard time.  Instead of walking in the door every day and saying to yourself "there's that idiot again," try saying "He likes me and he will treat me well today."  If you really at the core believe this, that boss will fall right into line and treat you well.  Same thing with the tangibles in your life.  Say you see the perfect car for you at a car lot but say "I could never afford that."  Right there, you have cemented the belief that you can never have that car and have also transmitted it to the universe that you don't want it.  Next time you pass by, say "there's my new car in that lot."  Go home and look it up on the internet.  Stop by the lot and look inside and even talk to the salesman.  Imagine yourself tooling around town in that car.  Guaranteed if you can envision yourself in that car (regardless of whether or not you cognitively think you can pay for it), an opportunity will present itself to get that car.  It might be mail or an email offer for financing, a phone call from someone who can help, or some other unforeseen event.  If you send out the energy that this is your car and you believe it at the core, you WILL have that car. 

As far as wealth, almost all of us make the mistake of focusing too much thought and energy on the LACK of wealth.   You have to learn to recognize the energy you are sending out and then constantly affirm that the money will come.  If you say things like "I can barely keep my head above water," you are sending out energy that says you don't want to have enough money to keep your head above water.  If you replace that phrase with "I have all the money I need," something will happen that improves your situation, be it a raise or another job, or a lottery win.  Again, you don't have to be able to see a way for this to happen.  If you send out the right energy, it will manifest. 

In summary, if you are having a hard time with something, change your attitude towards it and watch it turn your way.  It takes focus and practice to banish negativity from your thoughts and actions, but if you do this one simple thing, you will wake up tomorrow and things will be better.  So it's your choice.  You can either wake up in the same mire you are in today or DO something about it right now!  The last thing you want to do is draw negative energy to yourself, and the best way to avoid that is to not send negative energy out.  Learn to stop yourself when you are putting out negative energy and replace it with positive energy, and your life will become a collection of positives.  You can go anywhere, have anything, and achieve anything if you just "set your mind to it!"


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