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Dreams of Falling


Falling is probably the most common dream of mankind.  Every person who has ever lived and every person who will ever live has dreamed at least once of falling.  Studies reveal that many cases happen at the brink of sleep, and that at least some falling dreams may be physiological in nature - i.e. a blood pressure drop at the moment of slumber, an inner ear process, etc.  However, falling can have  a symbolic or even literal significance, often indicating a feeling that life is spiraling out of control on some level or reminding us of a real physical danger.  Psychologically, falling dreams are not generally thought of as having major significance, but they can be used to get insight into basic things that are happening in our lives.  Below are questions to ask yourself to help interpret a dream of falling:

Are you stressed at work?  Could this be a forewarning perceived  failure, reprimand, or demotion?

Are you afraid of losing something or someone?  Falling can be interpreted as a physical "letting go" in some cases.  Is a child moving out of the house?  Is there an imminent divorce?  Are bills out of hand or bill collectors calling?

Do you feel insecure?  Have you started a new job?  Joined a new club? Started a new romance?

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you juggling too much in your life?  Do you feel stressed, tired, helpless, hopeless, or depressed?

Has someone important disappointed you recently?  Are you disappointed in yourself?

Have you made a bad business or personal decision recently?  Have you or someone close to you done something that has upset your emotional equilibrium?  Has a spouse, friend, or significant other lied, cheated, or disappointed you in some way?  Have you done any of these things yourself?

Is there something physical in your environment that needs your attention?  Is there a broken step, loose hand-rail, or wobbly chair in the house?  Is there an "accident waiting to happen" somewhere in your environment?

In all cases above, try to determine what caused the dream, and start immediately to take steps to resolve the situation.  Write in your journal what you think the problem is and what you can do to resolve it, and then flag that page and check back in a few weeks to determine if you have made progress.  If it seems to be just a vague fear, consciously try to confront that fear, listing the worst and best case scenarios in your mind to help you work through the situation.  Continue writing in your journal every morning and you may be able to spot the counter-dream signifying that the problem has been resolved!


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