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Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels.....ethereal beings who we feel and sometimes see....who snatch us from the brink of disaster and give us subtle advice.....who watch over us while we go about our mundane activities......what a wonderful concept!  And a VERY difficult one to tackle on a paranormal website, I might add, even though the concept has been in the supernatural spectrum since ancient times.  However, today Angels are inherently a highly religious phenomenon, and the implied concept of Angels is indirect communication with God himself. 

The concept of Guardian Angels has likely been around since the dawn of mankind.  It is a concept that has been embraced in some form by virtually every religion since the beginning of religion itself.  The modern day depictions of winged beings sitting on clouds and playing harps comes to mind in pretty much all of us when we think of our Guardian Angel, or of Angels in general.  In the mainstream psyche, we generally see Guardian Angels as spiritual beings with our best interests at heart whose purpose is to serve us without interfering with our free will.  The modern marketplace solidifies this with angel statuettes, jewelry, wall hangings, plaques and every kind of Angel paraphernalia imaginable at every turn.  Classic movies involve Angel themes, most notably in "A Wonderful Life" where an Angel gently shows a mortal man the positive impact he has had on the lives of others, thus turning his own life around.

So what are Guardian Angels?  Are they real?  Are they figments of our collective imaginations?  Are they something in the realm of paranormal like ghosts?  Is there any proof that they exist? Are they agents of God?  Can we see them?  What do they look like?  Can we talk to them? 


There are several different trains of thought on this matter so here goes...

Guardian Angels are Sent by God to Guide and Protect:  This is by far the most prevalent theory today, and no proof is needed by those who embrace this concept.  It's simply a matter of faith.  The Bible actually says very little specifically about Guardian Angels, other than little kids may be more attuned than we are....

Matthew 18:10 states, "See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven." 

Indeed, little kids in their innocence probably provide more anecdotal evidence of Angels or Guardian Angels than all adults combined.  This is significant religious-wise and spiritual-wise.  Once we get older, it seems we are no longer open to or aware of the possibility of a Guardian Angel, and in and of itself this is testament for how hardened and jaded we become spiritually as we age.  But is the Bible really referring to little kids?  It could be we are all little kids in God's view - otherwise no adult would ever experience the sensation of seeing their guardian Angel.   In many religions, Guardian Angels are not directly related to us, but rather are entities that have never lived human life.  They are wise, pure, compassionate, and non-judgmental.  They can guide, but cannot interfere with our free will.  Often, they are portrayed as lower-echelon beings in the heavenly hierarchy, as opposed to more powerful Angels such as the Archangels.  As such they are intermediaries or messengers between us and our Creator.  They inhabit a higher plane of existence than we do, and have abilities to morph into many forms, including the human form when necessary.  Each Angel is assigned to one of us at birth to guard us and look out for our best interests, regardless of how we conduct our lives.  They see the good in us whether or not we believe in them or live pure lives, and they accompany us to our heavenly destination after death.  Encountering one's Guardian Angel is a life-changing experience, and for those who have, their existence is a matter of pure faith with no other proof needed.  Those who truly believe claim that they can simply call on their Guardian Angel and a response will come if they watch for it, such as finding an open book with a passage that relates to the problem.    

Guardian Angels are Deceased Relatives Who Watch Over Us:  Many people who have had encounters with Guardian Angels report the distinct feeling that the Angel was not a stranger at all and that it was a recognizable deceased relative.  This is a comforting theory on several levels, as it implies life after death and a continued relationship with our loved ones even after they are gone.  Various polls actually seem to indicate that slightly more people perceive their Guardian Angels as being close family members than unidentified heavenly beings.  Who better to watch out for our best interests than someone who knows us well, like a parent or grandparent? There are many stories of people perceiving a close family member shielding them in a car crash or warning them of impending danger. One thing is crystal clear -  we all form strong bonds in this life that likely do transcend the bounds of this earthly existence, and whether or not we become Angels for those who remain after we die, those bonds are tangible and everlasting. It is therefore definitely a possibility that the Creator would give chosen relatives the power to intervene in our lives in some circumstances. 

Guardian Angels are a Projection of Our Higher Selves:  We all think we know ourselves, but our actual selves are much more complex than we think.  This is the concept of the soul and of spirituality.  We all sometimes feel and think things that are outside the bounds of what we have experienced in our existence on this plane, suggesting that there is more to us than there appears on the surface.  As you exist now, you are but a small part of a much larger and more complex being.  You have higher selves and lower selves, all existing within the same soul.  Some refer to it as being "multidimensional" or as existing on "different vibrational planes."   As it pertains to Guardian Angels, in this scenario, you would be your own Guardian Angel, with all the resources necessary.  The help and knowledge that your Angel extends to you would actually come from within your own vast inner knowledge and wisdom that lies untapped in your daily life.  Your higher self is attuned to your situation and knows what is best for you. This is the essence of a very complex concept that is discussed in more detail on other areas of this site and won't be repeated here.

Guardian Angels are in the Here and Now - They are People Who Come and Go  Throughout Our Lives:  We've all experienced it - we are in a mess and can't find a way out when someone comes into our lives and provides the solution.  Sometimes they stay and sometimes they don't, but they etch a place in our memories and are never forgotten.  We have to move away momentarily from the purely religious implications of Guardian Angels to process this concept, and there are other sources with intriguing ideas on the subject. 

In the Jane Roberts/Seth material, Seth states "The teachers within your system are those in their last reincarnation, and other personalities who have left the system but have been assigned to help those still within it.  The system also includes some fragment personalities that are entering for the first time, as well as those in later reincarnations."  This is a far-reaching statement that tends to ring true.  We all know people who are spiritually or intellectually superior to us, and we all know people who are spiritually or intellectually inferior to us.  The most memorable people in our lives beyond our own families are usually those on the extreme ends of this spectrum, either good or bad.  Essentially, all the people in our lives are in our lives for a reason, and the ones who change us and help us grow are the ones who knowingly or unknowingly act as our Guardian Angels.  They are Angels in human form, and even if one thinks of Angels as purely ethereal heavenly beings or as deceased relatives looking after us, there's still room for the possibility that the phenomenon could manifest in the here and now and in the people we encounter in our day-to-day life. In fact, the Bible refers to this very thing with regard to our Angels:  "Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it."


By all accounts, yes, regardless of which theory above you happen to subscribe to.  There are literally millions of accounts of people talking to their Guardian Angels, many even by name.  Obviously, if someone you know is knowingly or unknowingly acting as your Angel, you are already talking to them without even realizing it.  But for the vast majority who subscribe to the spiritual, ethereal nature of Angels from heaven, there is a lot of advice out there about how to contact them and ask for help.  Many people feel that those lucky coincidences we all experience in life are the results of little nudges from our Angel.  For instance, deciding to stop at a store you don't usually go into and finding a 20 dollar bill in the parking lot.  The consensus seems to be that Angels can give us hints and omens, but will stop short of interfering with free will.  Even if you have never asked for help specifically, you may get it anyway through sudden insights or coincidences.  However, if you do consciously ask for help, you should make yourself open to the answers, which may come in a variety of ways.  You might see something in print, such as in a book or newspaper or even on a truck or bus or billboard.  Someone might offhandedly say something that gives you the answer or you might see on TV or hear it on the radio.  Generally, find a quiet place and ask, and then watch for signs.  The word "Angel" literally means "Messenger."  Pay attention to your own messages - it's just that simple.


The Bible doesn't really say all that much about what Angels look like, but most often portrays them as taking on a human form (mostly men), sometimes indistinguishable from other humans.  Sometimes they have wings and sometimes not, and sometimes their appearance is so shockingly bright that they frighten those who see them. Other forms are mentioned too, such Angels appearing in a burning bush or in a tower of clouds or fire.  From all the Bible accounts, the inference is that Angels can take on whatever form that suits their purposes.  In practical life, most of us will never see our Angel materialize, nor will we hear our Angel speak.  Our proof will be in the omens and signs we see after asking for help in a pure and unselfish way. 

As a last word, your Angel probably won't help you pick winning lottery numbers or get revenge on someone who has wronged you, because those are selfish pursuits.  But for those who wish to enrich their lives, or who are depressed  or hopeless, or have a big problem with no obvious way out, a little talk with your Guardian Angle might just give you the tools to live a richer, happier life!


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